Betty and Gordon Moore Library


Am I allowed to use the Moore Library, and how do I join?

Full details are given in the Library Rules, but in summary:

All University of Cambridge staff, graduate students, undergraduates, alumni/ae, and long-term visiting scholars may borrow from the Library.
Other individuals undertaking private or commercial research may use the Library on a reference-only basis. (Please note that charges may apply.)

To use the Library, you need to register here as a reader - this does not happen automatically. Please visit the Library between 09:30 and 16:30 Monday-Friday and ask to register at the Service Desk.

University of Cambridge readers must bring a valid University Card or University Library Card with them.
Readers without University of Cambridge affiliation must bring photo id and/or a letter of introduction.

It is normally possible to accommodate day visitors. Please identify yourself at the Service Desk and fill in a visitors form.

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I'm not a mathematician - can I still use the Moore Library?

Yes - the Moore Library is open to all members of the University, no matter what your departmental / college affiliation might be.

Because our stock covers mathematics, physics, astronomy, computer science, materials science, and engineering, we expect most usage from people affiliated to those departments. However, you are no less welcome to join the Library if you are studying / researching something else entirely. In particular, we have a significant number of readers who make no use of our stock at all, but just find the Library a good place to study.

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Can I study in the Library outside staffed hours?

Full details are given in the Library Rules, but in general this is a service restricted to registered University of Cambridge staff, graduate students, and long-term visiting scholars. Please note that we are not able to grant 24-hour access to undergraduates.

The only cards we can configure for 24-hour access are University Cards containing a non-contact (Mifare) chip. If you would like, and are eligible for, 24-hour access but do not own such a card, please contact the card representative from your college or department to obtain one before visiting the Library.

Access to the Library outside staffed hours is for reference purposes only. It is not possible to borrow books or journals during this time, but items may be returned via the bookdrop in the foyer.

Please note that 24-hour access privileges will cease at the same time as Library membership. This means, in particular, that students will lose 24-hour access to the building after the completion date of their course.

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How many books can I borrow? And for how long?

Please see the information provided on borrowing entitlements.

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How do I use the Newton catalogue?

Newton has a set of help files that may be useful, while there is a short introduction to the three most commonly-used kinds of search in our subject information resource guides. Please remember you can always ask a Librarian too.

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I've found a book I need on the catalogue but it's on loan. How do I get hold of it?

It is possible to recall any loaned book from the Moore Library's main collection. This procedure results in a shortening of the loan period for the current borrower, who will receive a system-generated message informing them of the new date by which the book must be returned. Once the book is returned, the system automatically generates a message informing the recaller that the requested book is ready for collection.

Recalls can be placed on your behalf by staff at the Service Desk, or you can set them up yourself from the Newton catalogue.

To recall a Moore book using Newton, please follow the instructions below carefully, as failure to place a recall correctly will often unfortunately result in your request having to be cancelled.

On Newton, find the record for the book you wish to recall.
Click on the 'Recall or Stack request' option Requests option from Newton catalogue at the right-hand side of the page.
Type your borrower number (5-digit string near the barcode on your University Card / UL Card) into the box next to the phrase 'Barcode (lower case)', and your last name into the second box.
From the drop-down menu under the phrase 'Choose your library', select the option 'Moore Library Circ Cluster'.
Click on 'Login'.
On the next screen, click on 'Moore Library Circ Cluster Recall'.
On the final screen, click on the radio button next to the list of available copies, and select the copy you wish to recall from the drop-down menu (NB there may only be a single copy of the book). Please do not select the 'Any copy' option instead, as this is likely to result in your recall request being cancelled.
Type your borrower number into the box next to the phrase 'Barcode (lower case)'.
Click on 'Submit'.
You should now be taken back to the catalogue record of the book you have recalled with an added message saying 'Your request was successful'. You will also be able to see the new due date the book has been assigned at this point.

If you decide you no longer need a book on which you have placed a recall request, please either ask Library staff to cancel the request on your behalf, or do it yourself from the 'your account' page on Newton.

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My books are overdue. How much will it cost me?

It depends what kind of item you have on loan, and whether or not someone has recalled it from you: please see current fine rates for details.

Fines are not charged for days or hours when the Library is closed.

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I'm going home for the vacation. Can I take some books with me?

There are two rules that apply here:

All loans during the vacation are subject to recall, in exactly the same way as they are in term time. This applies even to vacation loans to undergraduates.
No borrowed item may be taken or sent out of the British Isles.

So, if 'home' is within the British Isles, and if you will be able both to renew any borrowed items when necessary and to return any borrowed items that are recalled by other readers before the standard amended due date (typically 2-4 days after email notice is sent), this should be fine. Otherwise, you need to return your loans before you leave Cambridge.

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How do I use the computers in the Library?

There are four kinds of computer in the Library:

Catalogue and electronic resource terminals. These machines are available to all walk-in users and do not require a userid or password. They are intended for catalogue searching and use of the databases and e-journals to which the University subscribes. It is not possible to print or copy files from these machines.
Electronic Legal Deposit terminal. Again, this machine is available to all walk-in users without the need for a userid or password. It provides access to electronic legal deposit material, i.e. information resources that have been deposited by the publisher in a digital format. There is currently no facility for printing from this machine.
Desktop Services (DS) machines. These machines require a DS account (available from, and administered by the Computing Service), which is only available to University of Cambridge staff and students. DS printer credit may be purchased from the Moore Service Desk or online; the printer is located on the ground floor of the Library.
CD-ROM terminal. A single, non-networked PC is situated on the ground floor of the Library, for the purpose of viewing CD-ROMs and disks from the non-book media collection. No password is required, and printing facilities are not available.

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Is there a wireless access hotspot in the Library?

You should be able to gain access to the UniOfCam (formerly Lapwing) and eduroam wireless services from the lower-ground, first, and second floors of the Library.

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How do I use the photocopiers in the Library?

The library photocopiers are located on the lower-ground floor.

Insert coins into the unit attached to the left-hand side of each photocopier in order to activate the machine. Copy charges are:

10p per A4 copy
20p per A3 copy

The copiers accept most British coins (namely £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p) but not notes. Unfortunately, the units are not able to give change, so please make sure you use the correct money.

The change machine, located to the right of the copiers, can be used to convert notes into pound coins.

Additionally, DAMTP provides a copier for its own departmental members, which is housed on the ground floor of the Moore Library. All enquiries about this machine (e.g. faults, requests for paper or toner, reminders of the code) must be addressed to DAMTP (, 39843) and not to Moore Library staff.

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Where are the maths exam papers from previous years?

Printed copies of the Part III Mathematics past papers from 1998 onwards are held at classmark Ref LF483 .M384 1998- in the Reference Collection on the ground floor of the Moore Library. These may not be borrowed, but may be photocopied within the Library

Past papers from the Mathematical Tripos (parts IA, IB, II, and III), NatSci Maths (parts IA and IB), and the MPhils in both Statistical Science and Computational Biology are all available online.

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What books are in the Reserve collection?

The Reserve collection contains a copy of all the recommended books listed in the Undergraduate Mathematics Tripos schedules, and in the Part III Mathematics guide to courses, except where these are available as ebooks. Consequently, the titles held vary from year to year as courses come and go, or change in emphasis.

All reserve books appear on the Newton catalogue at location Betty & Gordon Moore Library: Reserve Collection, or you can simply browse through the list of titles.

How do I log in to electronic resources with my Raven password?

There is a page of Raven FAQs available covering all aspects of obtaining and using your Raven password. The steps needed to log in to an online resource are given at number 9 in the list.

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