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Members of the Faculty of Mathematics have deposited printed copies of their recent and/or seminal papers with the Moore Library, so that students and colleagues are able to browse through them in comfort. The display is located on the ground floor of the Moore Library, following on from the current journals display. The list below shows the papers currently on the display, and provides links to preprint and/or final versions (where available), should you wish to print out your own copy.

If you are a Faculty member and would like to have your papers included on the display (or would like at any point to replace your existing publications with new ones), please just hand copies in at the desk in the Moore Library during staffed hours. Many thanks to Marj Batchelor for this initiative; and to all contributors who have made their work available in this way.

Classmark CMS author Further authors Title Publication information Local/preprint version
GB2401.72.M35 .W67 2010 Grae Worster Rosie Robison and Herbert Huppert Dynamics of viscous grounding lines Journal of fluid mechanics. 10 Apr. 2010 ; 648 : 363-380 On author's site
GC97 .L56 2010 Paul Linden Peter J. Thomas Laboratory modelling of the effects of temporal changes of estuarine-fresh-water discharge rates on the propagation speed of oceanographic coastal currents Journal of fluid mechanics. 10 Dec. 2010 ; 664 : 337-347  
QA174.2 .B88 2008 Jack Button   Large groups of deficiency 1 Israel journal of mathematics. Oct. 2008 ; 167(1) : 111-140  
QA242 .B88 2001 Jack Button   Markoff numbers, principal ideals and continued fraction expansions Journal of number theory. Mar. 2001 ; 87(1) : 77-95  
QA242.5 .F57 2008 Tom Fisher   Finding rational points on elliptic curves using 6-descent and 12-descent Journal of algebra. 15 July 2008 ; 320(2) : 853-884 On author's site
QA242.5 .F57 2008b Tom Fisher   The invariants of a genus one curve Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society. Nov. 2008 ; 97(3) : 753-782 [Available in Library] On author's site
QA242.5 .F57 2008c Tom Fisher John Cremona, Catherine O'Neil, Denis Simon and Michael Stoll Explicit n-descent on elliptic curves, I. Algebra Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik. Feb. 2008 ; 615 : 121-155 [Available in Library] On author's site
QA247 .Y67 2008 Teruyoshi Yoshida   Local class field theory via Lubin-Tate theory Annales de la Faculté des sciences de Toulouse. Mathématiques. 2008 ; ser. 6, 17(2) : 411-438 [Available in Library] On author's site
QA247 .Y67 2010 Teruyoshi Yoshida   On non-abelian Lubin-Tate theory via vanishing cycles In: Nakamura I, Weng L (eds.). Algebraic and arithmetic structures of moduli spaces (Sapporo 2007). Tokyo : Mathematical Society of Japan, 2010. P. 361-402. (Advanced studies in pure mathematics; v. 58) [Available in Library] On author's site
QA297 .I84 2009 Arieh Iserles Syvert P. Nørsett From high oscillation to rapid approximation III: multivariate expansions IMA journal of numerical analysis. Oct. 2009 ; 29(4) : 882–916 [Available in Library] On author's site
QA372 .I84 2010 Arieh Iserles Marissa Condon, Alfredo Deaño On second-order differential equations with highly oscillatory forcing terms Proceedings of the Royal Society A. 8 June 2010 ; 466(2118) : 1809-1828 On author's site
QA564 .T68 1999 Burt Totaro   The Chow ring of a classifying space In: Raskind W, Weibel C (eds.). Algebraic K-theory : AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference on Algebraic K-Theory, July 13-24, 1997, University of Washington, Seattle. Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 1999. P. 249-281. (Proceedings of symposia in pure mathematics; v. 67) [Available in Library] On author's site
QA612.14 .B88 2007 Jack Button   Mapping tori with first Betti number at least two Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan. Apr. 2007 ; 59(2) : 351-370  
QA612.33 .T68 1992 Burt Totaro   Milnor K-theory is the simplest part of algebraic K-theory K-theory. Mar. 1992 ; 6(2) : 177-189  
QA614.82 .I84 2009 Arieh Iserles Anthony M. Bloch, Vasile Brînzanescu, Jerrold E. Marsden, Tudor S. Ratiu A class of integrable flows on the space of symmetric matrices Communications in mathematical physics. Sept. 2009 ; 290(2) : 399-435 On author's site
QA614.9 .N67 1997 James Norris   Heat kernel asymptotics and the distance function in Lipschitz Riemannian manifolds Acta mathematica. Sept. 1997 ; 179(1) : 79-103  
QA614.9 .N67 2006 James Norris Thierry Lévy Large deviations for the Yang-Mills measure on a compact surface Communications in mathematical physics. Jan. 2006 ; 261(2) : 405-450 On arXiv
QA614.9 .T68 2000 Burt Totaro   Chern numbers for singular varieties and elliptic homology Annals of mathematics. Mar. 2000 ; ser. 2, 151(2) : 757-791 On author's site
QA911 .H87 2006 Herbert Huppert   Gravity currents: a personal perspective Journal of fluid mechanics. 10 May 2006 ; 554 : 299-322 On author's site
QA911 .L56 2010 Paul Linden Benjamin D. Maurer, Diogo T. Bolster Intrusive gravity currents between two stably stratified fluids Journal of fluid mechanics. 25 Mar. 2010 ; 647 : 53-69  
QA925 .D35 2008 Stuart Dalziel P.J. Staplehurst and P.A. Davidson Structure formation in homogeneous freely decaying rotating turbulence Journal of fluid mechanics. 10 Mar. 2008 ; 598 : 81-105 On author's site
QA927 .D35 2010 Stuart Dalziel Jeroen Hazewinkel, Chrysanthi Tsimitri, and Leo R.M. Maas Observations on the robustness of internal wave attractors to perturbations Physics of fluids. Oct. 2010 ; 22(10) : 107102 On author's site
QA929 .H87 2007 Herbert Huppert Mark Hallworth Bi-directional flows in constrained systems Journal of fluid mechanics. 10 May 2007 ; 578 : 95-112 On author's site
QC155 .H87 2009 Herbert Huppert Jerome Neufeld and Dominic Vella The effect of a fissure on storage in a porous medium Journal of fluid mechanics. 25 Nov. 2009 ; 639 : 239-259 On author's site
QC174.8 .N67 1999 James Norris   Smoluchowski's coagulation equation: uniqueness, nonuniqueness and a hydrodynamic limit for the stochastic coalescent Annals of applied probability. Feb. 1999 ; 9(1) : 78-109 On arXiv
QC303 .W67 2006 Grae Worster S.S.L. Peppin and J.A.W. Elliott Solidification of colloidal suspensions Journal of fluid mechanics. 10 May 2006 ; 554 : 147-166 On author's site
QC303 .W67 2010 Grae Worster Jerome Neufeld and Raymond Goldstein On the mechanisms of icicle evolution Journal of fluid mechanics. 25 Mar. 2010 ; 647 : 287-308 On author's site
QC307 .A48 2006 Anneli Aitta   Iron melting curve with a tricritical point Journal of statistical mechanics : theory and experiment. Dec. 2006 ; P12015 On arXiv
QC307 .A48 2010 Anneli Aitta   Tricritical points and liquid-solid critical lines In: Hobbs C, Paycha S (eds.). European women in mathematics : proceedings of the 13th General Meeting : University of Cambridge, UK, 3-6 September 2007. Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific, 2010. P. 93-102.  
QE509.2 .A48 2010 Anneli Aitta   The identity and quantity of the light matter on each side of the Earth's inner core boundary Physics of the Earth and planetary interiors. Aug. 2010 ; 181(3-4) : 132-140  
QH514 .G65 2010 Raymond Goldstein Knut Drescher and Idan Tuval Fidelity of adaptive phototaxis Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 22 June 2010 ; 107(25) : 11171-11176 On author's site
QH591 .G65 2008 Raymond Goldstein Idan Tuval and Jan-Willem van de Meent Microfluidics of cytoplasmic streaming and its implications for intracellular transport Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 11 Mar. 2008 ; 105(10) : 3663-3667 On author's site
QR96 .G65 2009 Raymond Goldstein Marco Polin, Idan Tuval, Knut Drescher and J.P. Gollub Chlamydomonas swims with two 'gears' in a eukaryotic version of run-and-tumble locomotion Science. 24 July 2009 ; 325(5939) : 487-490  
TA357.5.M59 .D35 2008 Stuart Dalziel Michael D. Patterson, Colm-cille Caulfield, and Imran Coomaraswamy Mixing efficiency in high-aspect-ratio Rayleigh-Taylor experiments Physics of fluids. June 2008 ; 20(6) : 065106 On author's site
TH7682.D57 .L56 2009 pt. 1 Paul Linden Diogo T. Bolster Particle transport in low-energy ventilation systems. Part 1: theory of steady states Indoor air. Apr. 2009 ; 19(2) : 122-129  
TH7682.D57 .L56 2009 pt. 2 Paul Linden Diogo T. Bolster Particle transport in low-energy ventilation systems. Part 2: transients and experiments Indoor air. Apr. 2009 ; 19(2) : 130-144  

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