Central Science Library

Inter-library loans: Direct Requests from libraries outside Cambridge University

For all internal requests see reader services

UK Libraries

The CSL will accept direct requests for inter-library loans from libraries and institutions within the UK and Ireland, which are outside of the University of Cambridge. We handle all requests sent to CA/U-2 (which includes the CSL, Buttress Collection for Applied Biology, the Betty and Gordon Moore Library, and the Materials Science & Metallurgy Collection)

Please note: In the first instance, direct requests for Copyright Fee Paid items need to be sent to the British Library Document Supply Centre using 'stock and location search' (SL) stating that Cambridge (CA/U-2) holds this item. BLDSC will then forward the request to us.

Payment for direct requests is by British Library Billing Account or pre-paid inter-library request form only. If using the billing account, requests can be phoned, posted, emailed or sent by web form if your browser supports forms. Please remember to supply your BL customer code and a request number when submitting the request.

Our standard charges are based a 2- 5 day turnaround and are as follows:

  • Scanned copy of an article: £7.75 (if you require a paper copy for the same price please indicate on the request form.)
    A paper copy will be sent if the article isn't suitable for scanning.
  • Loan: £12.05, Republic of Ireland: £14.00
  • Renewals: £4.15

Urgent Action Service

We can offer document supply within 24 hours of a request being made. Our urgent action charges are as follows:

  • Photocopy of an article by scan, post or fax: £11.75 (as with standard service, same restrictions apply for scanning)
  • Loan - posted same day: £16.00

The CSL does not lend journal material bound or unbound and all book loans are made on the strict understanding that they are not for home loan.

We do not lend books published pre-1900.

Material received through Legal Deposit is subject to certain restrictions applicable from the date of publication.

1. Legal deposit books are subject to a five year loan ban.

2. Legal deposit journals are subject to a two year scan/photocopy ban.

International Libraries

With the exception of libraries based in the Republic Of Ireland (see standard charges) that can quote a BL Billing Account, we do not loan to international libraries.

We are, however, able to accept direct photocopy requests and provide scans/photocopies to international libraries who can quote a British Library account number.

International libraries who cannot quote a British Library account number will need to apply, in the first instance, to the British Library Document Supply Centre using 'Backup search' from the dropdown menu stating that Cambridge (CA/U-2) holds the item in the 'Additional details' field. BLDSC will then process and forward the request to us.

For more information please visit their website: http://www.bl.uk/services/document/dsc.html

We charge £7.75 for a scan or £10.75 for a photocopy of an article supplied to any non-UK library.