CULIB – Cambridge University Libraries Information Bulletin

ISSN 0307-7284    Edited by Kathryn McKee, Mary Kattuman, Lyn Bailey, Lindsay Jones and Fiona Mossman

In the next issue

The theme of the next issue of CULIB is "conferences". We would be very interested to know of your experience in presenting your paper, and what you learnt from attending the conference. It would be useful for many of us to know more about the submission process, the organisation of conferences, and the impact it can have on the library. If you would like to contribute an article, please contact the CULIB editors. The deadline for submission is 15th of September.

Cambridge University Libraries information bulletin (CULIB) is distributed free, twice a year, to libraries within the University and its Colleges, and to others on request. CULIB is edited by Kathryn McKee at St John's College Library, Mary Kattuman at the University Library, Lyn Bailey at the Classics Faculty Library, Lindsay Jones at the University Library and Fiona Mossman at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Library. Lindsay and Fiona produce the online version of CULIB. The editors may be contacted at

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