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The cure for love
Music for the feature film starring Robert Donat and Renee Asherson, produced and directed by Robert Donat for London Film Productions / Island Films. For further information and video clips see BFI database, An advertisement featuring Alwyn's music is at YouTube, and a recording from the film of the waltz at YouTube.
For orchestra.
Piano arrangement of the waltz published London : Chappell, 1950. Recently re-issued by the William Alwyn Foundation in Selected piano works / William Alwyn. Vol. 3.
Recordings. Waltz arranged by Philip Lane, recorded by the BBC Philharmonic, conducted by Rumon Gamba, Chandos CHAN 10349. Recorded in Studio 7, New Broadcasting House, Manchester, 5-6 January 2005. See Chandos
Location of score unknown
Library has piano arrangement of the waltz B1950.83. Archive also has cue-sheets MS.Alwyn.1.14.40
Daybreak in Udi
Music for the documentary film, directed by Terry Bishop and Eric Fullilove, produced by Max Anderson for the Crown Film Unit on behalf of The Colonial Office and The Central Office of Information, 1949.
For film see, for stills and more information see BFI. A shorter version was released in 1951, see BFI
For orchestra.
Location of manuscript unknown.
Fundamental education see Daybreak in Udi
Golden salamander

Music for the feature film starring Trevor Howard and Anouk Aimee, directed by Ronald Neame, produced by Alexander Galperson and Bob Mcnaught for the Rank organization. For further information see BFI database.
Videoclips at YouTube and more YouTube.
For orchestra.
DVD available at Amazon.
Location of score unknown.
Archive has cue-sheets MS.Alwyn.1.14.48.
History of Mr. Polly
Music for the feature film starring John Mills and Finlay Currie, directed by Anthony Pelissier, produced by John Mills, Andrew Allan and Phil C. Samuel for Two Cities Films. For further information see BFI database.
For a trailer see VideoDetective, for a clip of Alwyn's score see YouTube. For a clip from the Mr. Polly Suite, arranged by Christopher Palmer see YouTube.
For orchestra.
DVD available at Amazon.
Archive has cue-sheets MS.Alwyn.1.14.48.
The moving finger see Daybreak in Udi
The rocking horse winner

Symphony no. 1
Under one roof