Bliss Award and Prize winners

Royal Academy of Music

1989 Hilary Clarke (mezzo-soprano), Simon Over (piano) [Seven American Poems]
AND Nicos Zarb (viola), Andrew Rapps (piano) [Viola Sontata]
1990 David Toon (oboe), Hellier Quartet [Oboe Quartet]
1991 Emma Garlick (mezzo-soprano), Carol Foulkes (soprano), Caz Weller (soprano), Manson Ensemble [Rout, Women of Yueh, Conversations, Madam Noy]
1997 Daniel Howard (baritone) & Anna Tilbrook (accompanist)[Seven American poems]
1999 Christopher Dixon (baritone) & Juliet Allen (accompanist)[Fair is my love; In praise of his Daphnis; The buckle]
2001 Sara Troback, Darius Thompson, Michelle Bruil & Filipe Quaresma (string quartet)[2nd String quartet]
2002 Yan Wang (violin) & David Smith (accompanist) [Violin concerto, 1st movement]
2003 Anja Rossau (soprano) & Elspeth Wilkes (accompanist) [3 Songs (W.H. Davies) & Ballads of the four seasons]
Philip Kay (baritone) & Sergey Rybin (accompanist) [7 American poems]
2004 Elisabeth Toye
Sarah Dacey
Jenny Bacon
2005 Pedro Meireles (viola) & Wei-En Hsu (piano) [Viola sonata]
2006 Julian Bliss (clarinet) with the Galitzen Quartet (Pedro Meireles, vl ; Catrin Win Morgan, vl ; Felix Tanner, vla ; Ken Ichinose, vlc) [Clarinet quintet]
2007 Jing Yang (viola), Timothy End (piano) [Viola sonata]
2008 Lena Zeliszewska (violin), Tabitha Kelly (piano) [Violin concerto, 1st movement ; Subito / Lutoslawski]

Royal College of Music

Arthur Bliss Prize (awarded by the Performing Rights Society in memory of their former chairman)

1974 Roger Chase
1975 Yitkin Seow
1976 Jonathan Butcher
1979 John Lyons (bassoon)
1980 Hilary Prince (singer)

PRS Sir Arthur Bliss Memorial Scholarship
(for one-year postgraduate course in composition)

1982 Javier Alvarez
1983 Timothy Stevenson and Christopher Ross
1984 Claire Baughan
1985 Peter Muir
1986 Timothy Blinko
1987 Christopher James
1988 Edward Knight
1990 (Julian Anderson - not taken up) John Cooney
1991 Kenneth Hesketh
1992 Franciso Lara
1993 Barnaby Oliver
1995 Andrew Pearce
1997 Bryan Byrne
1999 Claire Jordan
2001 Dai Fujikura
2003 Michael McEvoy
2005 Satoko Doi
2007 Pedro Faria Gomez

Bliss Trust Prize (awarded 1990-1997)

1990 Verity Butler (clarinet), Claire Ashby (violin), Daisy Jopling (violin), Julia Knight (viola), Emma-Jane Murphy (cello) [Clarinet quintet]
1991 Maria Vassiliou (soprano), Verity Butler (clarinet), John Wills (piano) [Three songs, Two nursery rhymes]
1993 Nicola Hazelwood (clarinet) and Thomas Cooper (piano) [Pastoral]
AND Melanie Spanswick (piano) [Bliss: a one step and Rout trot]
1996 John Kersey (piano) [Piano Sonata]
1997 Balint Szekely, Laura Samuel, Daniel Gardner, Miriam Eisele (string quartet
AND Miriam Eisele (?cello) and Stephen Ridley (accompanist)

Bliss Trust Scholarship (awarded 2005-)

2005 James Southall (piano accompaniment)
2006 Alice Gledhill (clarinet)
2007 David Milner-Pearce (baritone)
2008 Fraser Kelman (oboe)

Royal Northern College of Music

1997 Rachel Joyce (soprano); Caroline Jaya (accompanist)
1998 Yan Lim (piano) [Sonata for piano]
2000 Benjamin Errlington (viola) and Yam Lim (piano) [Viola sonata]

Cambridge University

(awarded to the best candidate in the composition papers for either the M.Phil or Part II of the Music Tripos)

1993 Thomas Ades, King's College
1994 Kate Romano
1997 Nicholas Whitehead
1998 Russel Millard, St.Catharine's College
1999 Benjamin Harris
2000 James Weeks, Queens' College
2002 Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Gonville & Caius College
2003 Joseph Finlay, Clare College
2004 Geoffrey Paterson, St John's College
2005 Tristan Rhys William, Trinity College
2006 Sasha Siem, Girton College
2008 Alex Soares, Clare College