The Bliss Trust

Founded in 1986 under the guidance of Lady Bliss

Registered charity number 297956


  • to promote wider understanding and appreciation of the music of Arthur Bliss
  • to promote the education and further education of students of composition and young composers

Activities by means of which these objectives are currently fulfilled

  • encouraging the performance and broadcast of the works of Arthur Bliss through the provision of (modest) grants
  • initiating and encouraging recordings of the music, particularly previously unrecorded music, and assisting with funding as appropriate
  • encouraging music students within British conservatoires to perform the music and awarding prizes accordingly
  • tracing and collecting the manuscripts, photographs, letters, other writings, documents and memorabilia relevant to Arthur Bliss for the archive, held for the most part at the Cambridge University Library
  • providing assistance and guidance to those involved in research into the life and work of Arthur Bliss, whether for the purpose of personal study or with a view to publishing their work
  • awarding the Arthur Bliss Prize for composition at Cambridge University
  • Cooperating with the Performing Right Society Foundation in the Bliss Trust and PRSF Composer Bursaries for composers seeking funds to assist their professional development in the field of classical music. For full details and information about applications, see the relevant page on the PRS web site

Contact Address: The Administrator, The Bliss Trust, P O Box 137, Shaftesbury, SP7 OWX

Trustees: Richard Andrewes, Christopher Belk, Lady Bliss, Andrew Burn, Giles Easterbrook, Sarah Faulder, Barbara Gatehouse, Clive Marks, Robert Milnes, Karen Sellick, Elizabeth Travis, David Wordsworth