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Dart playing viol. Unknown photographer Robert Thurston Dart (1921-1971) was an English musicologist, music editor and musician. His scholarship was informed by performance and he was a very innovative musical figure. He taught several generations of students, many of whom in their turn went on to become established and successful scholars and performers.

The first documentation we have of Dart’s interest in music dates back to his youth; he won medals in music festivals and was educated at Hampton Grammer School where he was a chorister of the Chapel Royal and was involved in many musical activities. He later studied music at the Royal College of Music (1938-1939). After the war he studied in Belgium with Charles van den Borren.

Thurston Dart came to the University of Cambridge in 1947 when he was appointed assistant lecturer in music. He became a full lecturer in 1952 and professor in 1962. He left Cambridge in 1964 to become King Edward Professor of Music in the University of London (King's College).

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