Cambridge University Library

Music Archives: composers

Music Archives: composers

The main focus of the composer archives at Cambridge University Library lies on British 20th century music and on composers who have some conncetion with Cambridge. Some of these archives are very extensive and can contain a variety of materials such as music manuscripts, papers and correspondence, concert programmes, printed music, books on music. The following pages are dedicated to individual composer archives:

William Alwyn
Arthur Bliss
Roberto Gerhard
Peter Tranchell

The library also holds the archives or partial archives of:

J.T. Boorman: musical manuscripts
Doreen Carwithen: musical manuscripts, letters, papers, sound recordings
W.C. Denis-Browne: musical transcripts in manuscript (lute music)
Alan Grey: musical manuscripts
Patrick Hadley: musical manuscripts, printed music, some letters
James Hook: musical manuscripts
John Marsh: diaries (transcripts)
Felix W. Morley: musical manuscripts
Robin Orr: musical manuscripts, printed music, programmes, papers, some letters
Cyril Bradley Rootham: musical manuscripts, printed music
Robert Salkeld: musical manuscripts, correspondence, photographs
R.J.S. Stevens: diaries and memoirs
Bernard van Dieren: musical manuscripts
Geoffrey Wright: musical manuscripts, scrap books, sound recordings, miscellaneous papers
Peter Warlock: musical manuscripts