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There are also quite a few blogs listed by Intute, and even more at, which I will gradually look at, and I will incorporate the most interesting ones here. There is also a list of the Top 100 musicology blogs! Finally, ArtsJournal lists 'recently active' music blogs on its platform.
Acknowledgments for helping with providing information go to:
Kristoffer Brinch Kjeldby, Mary Burslem, Jim Cowdery, Liane Curtis, David Day, Santie de Jongh, Robyn Holmes, Karen McAulay, Brenda Nelson-Strauss, Matthias Röder, Caroline Shaw, Astrid Smith, Cordula Werbelow.

Commercial blogs


  • John Cage Trust
    'Official blog of the John Cage Trust', by Laura Kuhn
  • Ivor Gurney
    'A web journal of Philip Lancaster's work on the Gloucester composer-poet'

Education (and Music)

  • Berkleemusic Blog Network
    'brings together music industry professionals, music educators, and Berklee College of Music faculty to discuss topics and current events relating to the music business, music production, songwriting, music theory, performance, and online education.'

Library-related blogs


  • The Decibel Tolls
    'resource and community for those into psychedelic rock and psychedelically influenced jam hives, shoegazing, electric and freak folk, kraut, post rock ...', by Kenny Bloggins (Chicago) and Michael Hansen (Boston)
  • New Music Daily
    'a brand new track from ... emerging talent will be posted each day.', by Gill Mills
    'A web magazine about music, history and the politics of culture', by Matthias Röder



Research Centres

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