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Bibliography of the Genizah Collection

Over the years, members of the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit have produced catalogues for the Genizah collections, and a number of these have already appeared in the Cambridge University Library's Genizah Series. This bibliography lists the current state of that Series, and adds some other relevant books in the University Library's holdings. If you know of other significant items not listed here, please email

Other Publications

The Genizah Series

(Published in Cambridge for Cambridge University Library by Cambridge University Press)

Reif, Stefan C.: (ed) The Cambridge Genizah Collections: their contents and significance (2002)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 1)

Davis, Malcolm C.: Hebrew Bible manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections: Vol. 1: Taylor-Schechter Old Series and other Genizah Collections in Cambridge University Library (1978)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 2, 1)

Davis, Malcolm C.: Hebrew Bible manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections: Vol. 2: Taylor-Schechter New Series and Westminster College Cambridge Collection (1980)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 2, 2)

Davis, Malcolm C. and Outhwaite, Ben.: Hebrew Bible manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections: Vol. 3: Taylor-Schechter Additional Series 1--31 (2003)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 2, 3)

Davis, Malcolm C. and Outhwaite, Ben: Hebrew Bible manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections: Vol. 4: Taylor-Schechter Additional Series 32--255, with Addenda to previous volumes (2003)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 2, 4)

Hopkins, Simon A.: A miscellany of literary pieces from the Cambridge Genizah Collections: a catalogue and selection of texts in the Taylor-Schechter Collection, Old Series, Box A45 (1978)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 3)

Morag, Shelomo: Vocalised Talmudic manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections Vol.1: Taylor-Schechter Old Series (1988)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 4)

Brody, Robert and Wiesenberg, Ernest J.: Post-Talmudic rabbinic manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections Vol.1: Taylor-Schechter New Series (1998)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 5)

Reif, Stefan C.: Published material from the Cambridge Genizah Collections: a Bibliography 1896-1980 (1988)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 6)

Yahalom, Yosef: Palestinian vocalised Piyyut manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (1997)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 7)

Klein, Michael L.: Targumic manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (1992)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 8)

Khan, Geoffrey: Karaite Bible manuscripts from the Cairo Genizah (1990)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 9)

Khan, Geoffrey: Arabic legal and administrative documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (1993)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 10)

Isaacs, Haskell D. and Baker, Colin F.: Medical and para-medical manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (1994)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 11)

Baker, Colin F. and Polliack, Meira : Arabic and Judeo-Arabic manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections: Arabic Old Series (T-S Ar.1a-54) (2001)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah series 12)

Jefferson, Rebecca J. W. and Hunter, Erica C. D.: Published Material from the Cambridge Genizah Collections. A Bibliography 1980-1997 (2004)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah Series 13).

Shivtiel, Avihai and Niessen, Friedrich: Arabic and Judaeo-Arabic Manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections: Taylor-Schechter New Series (2006)
(Cambridge University Library Genizah Series 14).

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Other Publications

Encyclopaedia Judaica volume 16, cols. 1333-42

Encyclopaedia Judaica Year Book 1983/5 (Jerusalem, 1985), pp. 163-71.

Allony, Nehemiah: Genizah fragments of Rabbinic literature (in Hebrew) (Jerusalem: 1973)

Allony, Nehemiah and Tobi, Yosef: Shirim genuzim: new poems of the Cairo Genizah (Jerusalem: 2001)

Bareket, Elinoar: The Jewish leadership in Fustat in the first half of the eleventh century (in Hebrew) (Tel Aviv: 1995)

Bareket, Elinoar: The Jews of Egypt 1007-1055: based on documents from the archive of Efraim ben Shemarya (in Hebrew) (Jerusalem: 1995)

Bareket, Elinoar: Fustat on the Nile: the Jewish elite in medieval Egypt (Leiden: 1999)

Baumgarten, Joseph M.; Chazon, Esther G.; Pinnick, Avital: (eds) The Damascus document: a centennial of discovery: proceedings of the third International Symposium of the Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature, 4-8 February 1998 (Leiden: Brill, 2000)

Beentjes, Pancratius C.: (ed.) The book of Ben Sira in modern research: proceedings of the first International Ben Sira Conference, 28-31 July 1996, Soesterberg, Netherlands (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1997)

Ben-Sasson, Menahem: The Jews of Sicily 825 - 1068 (in Hebrew) (Jerusalem: Ben Zvi Institute, 1991)

Ben-Sasson, Menahem: The emergence of the local Jewish community in the Muslim world: Qayrawan, 800-1057 (in Hebrew) (Jerusalem: 1997) (2nd Edition)

Bentwich, Norman: Solomon Schechter; a biography (Cambridge, 1938)

Berger, Klaus: Die Weisheitsschrift aus der Kairoer Geniza: Erstedition, Kommentar und Übersetzung: Texte und Arbeiten zum neutestamentlichen Zeitalter; 1 (Tübingen: Francke, c1989)

Blau, Joshua and Reif, Stefan C.: Genizah research after ninety years, the case of Judaeo-Arabic: papers read at the third Congress of the Society for Judaeo-Arabic Studies (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992)

Bregman, Marc: The Tanhuma-Yelammedenu literature: studies in the evolution of the versions (in Hebrew) (New Jersey: 2003)

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Burkitt, Francis C.: Fragments of the Books of Kings according to the Translation of Aquila (Cambridge: 1897);

Chiesa, Bruno: L'Antico Testamento Ebraico secondo la tradizione palestinese (Torino: Bottega d'Erasmo, 1978)

Cohen, Mark R.: Jewish self-government in Medieval Egypt: the origins of the Office of Head of the Jews, ca. 1065-1126 (Princeton, NJ: 1980)

Constable, Olivia R.: Trade and traders in Muslim Spain: the commercial realignment of the Iberian peninsula, 900-1500 (Cambridge: 1994)

Danzig, Neil: Introduction to halakhot pesuqot with a supplement to halakhot pesuqot (in Hebrew) (New York and Jerusalem: 1993)

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De Lange, Nicholas: Greek Jewish texts from the Cairo Genizah (Tübingen: 1996)

Delbes, Pierre: Les documents datés de la Geniza du Caire (Université de Cambridge, Westminster College Cambridge) (Paris: Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales, 1992)

Dietrich, Manfried: Neue palåstinisch punktierte Bibelfragmente: Veröffentlicht und auf Text und Punktation hin untersucht (Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1968)

Dimitrovsky, Haim Z.: (ed.) S'ridei Bavli: fragments from Spanish and Portuguese incunabula and sixteenth century printings of the Babylonian Talmud and Alfasi (New York: Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1979)

Elitsur, Shulamit: The piyyutim of Rabbi El`azar Birabbi Qillar (in Hebrew) (Jerusalem: 1988)

Elitsur, Shulamit: Poet at a turning point; Rabbi Yehoshua bar Khalfa and his poetry (in Hebrew) (Jerusalem: Ben Zvi Institute, 1994)

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