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T-S 12.192, transcription and translation

Transcription of T-S 12.192, by Simhah Assaf, aided by B. Klar and D.H. Baneth, in Sinai , volume 14 (1944) page 2.

הקתלא ךישלא ידנסו ידאמע הרצח אקב הללא לאטא
םלסי השמ אהדבע אהלגמ אהזע םאדאו ןימאלא
יפ אהצלפת לאסיו אהדעב ןמ שחותסיו אהילע
אנפרעמ ןמ הנאל יערדלא קחצי אהלצומ הדעאסמ
יתח הרמא העאמגלא ףלכיל צ''ש רבחלא םלכתו
ןיתילאג הנבא ילעו הילע ןאל הילאג םכדנע הל לצחתי
התפז הינמ יפ םכדנע ןזיל יעסלא הרצחלא ןכמא ןאו
טאימדל הגותי והו יש ןאלל ןזו אמו יראט הנאל לעפתפ
הרדקמלא בסח הל למעני העוגר יפו אנל םהמ רמאל
צ''ש הנב םולשו ונבו רבחה םולשו הברי המולשו
ל''צז ןומימ רב השמ

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Translation of T-S 12.192 by Joel L. Kraemer in Maimonidean Studies, volume 1 (1990) pages 91-92.

May God prolong the life of your honor, my pillar and support, al-Shaykh al-Thiqa, and sustain your glory.
Your servant Moses, who venerates you, greets you. He longs for you because of your distance from him.
Moses requests that your honor kindly help the bearer of this letter, Isaac al-Dar'i, for he is one of our acquaintances. Speak to the haber, may God preserve him, about inducing the community (jama'a) to take on responsibility for him, to collect the sum of his poll tax (jizya) among you, as he and his son must pay double.
If your honor can endeavour to have him pay while he is with you at Minyat Zifta, please do so, as Isaac is a newcomer and has not yet paid a thing.
He is going to Damietta to do something important for me. When he returns, please see to it that whatever possible be done for him.
May your peace increase and the peace of the haber and his son, and the peace of his honor's son, may God preserve him.
Moses b. Maimon, may the memory of the righteous be a blessing.

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