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Dr Amir Ashur

Amir AshurDr Ashur has been working as a Research Associate at the Unit since April 2010. He identifies and describes Judaeo-Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew fragments, with a particular focus on the ‘documentary Genizah’ – letters, legal documents and other documents that represent the daily life of the Genizah world. Dr Ashur is a former student of Prof. M.A. Friedman from Tel-Aviv University, and has worked with him on various projects relating to Genizah research, among them the celebrated ‘India Book’ and the prepration of a catalogue of Responsa from the Cairo Genizah under the Friedberg Genizah Project.

He is also familiar with Hebrew manuscripts from outside the Genizah, and previously worked as a Research Assistant at the Diaspora Research Institute, Tel Aviv University, in the ‘The Jews of Turkey and the Balkans Documentation Project’ under the leadership of Prof. Minna Rozen, Haifa University. Both his MA (Engagement Documents from the Cairo Geniza, Tel Aviv University 2000, Magna Cum Laude) and PhD (Engagement and Betrothal documents from the Cairo Geniza, Tel Aviv University 2006) dissertations deal with family life and marriage in Genizah society.

Dr Ashur is a member of The Society for Judeo-Arabic Studies.