Cambridge University Library

Contributors to the Digital Genizah

In addition to the current members of the Genizah Research Unit, the following people – former members of the Unit, visiting scholars, members of partner projects and volunteers – have all contributed descriptions of Genizah material to the Cambridge Digital Library. We are grateful to them for their valuable contributions.

Former members of the Unit

Amir Ashur
Siam Bhayro
Friedrich Niessen
Ludmila Ginsbursksy
Rebecca Jefferson
Avi Shivtiel
Ronny Vollandt


Alexandra Abrams
Dotan Arad
Samuel Blapp
Gideon Bohak
Sumayyah Bostan
Leigh Chipman
Karen Collis
Emily Downes
Dr Uri Ehrlich and his Liturgy team
Shmuel Glick and his Responsa team
Viktor Golinets
Haim Gottschalk
Alex Green
Daniel Isenberg
Hagay Nahmias
Efraim Lev
Mark Scarlata

And thanks to all the other scholars who have taken the time to point out interesting fragments to us, correct our errors, or otherwise enrich the digital Genizah.