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A Jewish Archive from Old Cairo: the history of Cambridge University's Genizah collection
Professor Stefan Reif
Cambridge University

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Curzon Press, London, 2000
ISBN 0 7007 1276 3 hb
ISBN 0 7007 1312 3 pb

It is now over a century since the Genizah Collection was formally presented to the University of Cambridge. Over half a century has passed since matching discoveries were made among the Dead Sea scrolls. And almost thirty years have elapsed since the Genizah Research Unit at Cambridge began a systematic programme of conservation, filming, research and publication.

Professor Reif explains how Cairo came to have it's unique archive; how Cambridge developed its interest in Hebrew and Jewish matters; and how several colourful figures effected the connection between the centres.

Written in a lively and readable fashion, A Jewish Archive from Old Cairo includes intriguing quotations from the original manuscripts and provides detailed reading lists - for both English and Hebrew - in each area covered.

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