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The Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit

Professor Stefan C Reif - List of Publications

A. Books written and edited

  1. Shabbethai Sofer and his Prayer-book, Cambridge University Press, 1979, pp. xiv + 379 + 5 plates.
  2. Interpreting the Hebrew Bible: Essays in Honour of E I J Rosenthal (edited with J A Emerton), Cambridge University Press, 1982, pp. xv + 319 + 7 plates.
  3. Cambridge University Genizah Series, Cambridge University Press for Cambridge University Library, 1978- involving initiation, commissioning, direction of research, planning of structure and content, and overseeing the process of publication. Thirteen volumes have appeared and two are scheduled for publication in 2003.
  4. Published Material from the Cambridge Genizah Collections: a Bibliography 1896-1980, Cambridge University Press, 1989, pp. xv + 608.
  5. Genizah Research after Ninety Years (edited with Joshua Blau), Cambridge University Press, 1992, pp. xi + 176 + 1 plate.
  6. Judaism and Hebrew Prayer: New Perspectives on Jewish Liturgical History, Cambridge University Press, 1993 (paperback edition, 1995), pp. xiii + 437.
  7. Hebrew Manuscripts at Cambridge University Library: A Description and Introduction, Cambridge University Press, 1997, pp. xx + 626 + 32 plates.
  8. A Jewish Archive from Old Cairo: The History of Cambridge University's Genizah Collection, Curzon Press, 2000, pp. xx + 277 + 60 plates.
  9. Why Medieval Hebrew Studies: An Inaugural Lecture, Cambridge University Press, pp. 53 + 4 plates.
  10. The Cambridge Genizah Collections: their contents and significance, (edited) Cambridge University Press, 2002, pp. 243 pages + 20 plates, (Cambridge University Library Genizah series 1).

Not included here are a substantial number of articles and reviews. Details can be obtained from The Genizah Unit.

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