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The purchase of an image from the Library does not confer the right to reproduce it in publications, websites or broadcasts. To reproduce it you must fill in our online reproduction request form. This form should also be used for renewals of rights.

Permission is normally given on acceptance of our licence terms and payment (if required) of an appropriate fee. A guide to fees and copy of our terms are available here.

Please note that this page is concerned with reproduction licensing only. Images must be ordered before they can be licensed (although the two processes can be undertaken at the same time).

Please also note that images created from the Library's holdings are subject to copyright law. If you wish to reproduce image(s) from Library material that is still in copyright it will be your responsibility to clear any permissions required. The licensing process described here is concerned with obtaining permission to use the Library's images, not any further underlying rights.

Step 1: Requesting a licence

Please complete the online licensing request form with as much information as you are able to provide. It is important that you give full contact details, clearly describe the material you want to reproduce, and the publication(s) in which the material will appear.

Once submitted you will receive a copy of your request by email. We will review your request, provide you with a quotation for the fee (if required) and a copy of the licence agreement to sign. If you are happy to proceed, you will need to sign the first page of the agreement and return to us as a scan (to, or by post. You may wish to review our standard pricing and licensing terms ahead of making a request.

Step 2: Paying for your images

Once we receive your signed form we will send you payment instructions. The easiest way to pay is via Cambridge University's secure online payment system where you can pay by debit or credit card and receive a formal receipt from the University. Other forms of payment are possible but may incur an administration fee.

Step 3: Receiving your licence

Once we receive payment we will counter-sign the licence and return a scanned copy to you. This will complete the agreement.

Enquiries about the licensing of images should be made to

Reviewed June 2018

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Image request form

Licensing request form 



Audio-visual Services:


  • Imaging of library materials (including theses)
  • Licensing of Library materials
  • Product photography for catalogues, exhibitions etc.
  • Event and conference photography
  • Video making – events, interviews, conferences, short films
  • Multispectral photography
  • 3D photogrammetry


Digitisation Services:

  • Support to researchers in planning digitisation projects
  • Support for large-scale imaging projects, including off-site imaging
  • Help and advice on technical issues such as metadata and imaging standards
  • Hosting of digitised collections from other institutions