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We will provide quotations for the cheapest pricing we can that will satisfy your requirements and ensure that the material can be safely and successfully imaged. In some cases the options may be limited due to an item's age or condition. Please note that there is a minimum charge of £10 (+VAT, if applicable).

We are reviewing our pricing and it is likely that it will change in April 2017.

Studio imaging (high resolution imaging options)

This method is suitable for all Library material less than A1 in size. Quotations will be provided for larger images.

These are publication-quality images. 300dpi images are suitable for printed publications around life size or larger than life on a website. 600dpi images are more suitable where images are to be printed larger than life size (e.g. exhibitions) or where you intend to undertake demanding post-production work on the images.

Images are normally supplied as 24bit RGB and saved as uncompressed TIFF files unless otherwise instructed.

  • 600dpi - £24 per image up to 25 images (£15.88 up to 62; £7.75 for over 62 images)
  • 300dpi - £12 per image up to 50 images (£8.58 up to 116; £5.15 for over 116 images)


Overhead scanning (high and low resolution imaging options)

This method is suitable for Library material that is in a good, sturdy condition and less than A2 in size. Any items that are old or fragile, larger than A2 or thicker than 90mm will require studio imaging (as above).

300dpi images are suitable for print publication around life size. 150dpi images are suitable for private study or online publication but not for print publishing. A subtle watermark is usually added to 150dpi images.

  • 300dpi £6 per image up to 10 (£4.25 up to 30; £3.45 up to 60; £2.50 for over 60 images)
  • 150dpi £1.50 per image up to 20 (£1.25 up to 240; £0.85 for over 240 images)


Photocopies and cheaper scans (available for some material)

The Library's photocopiers can produce paper copies or scans. Much of the Library's material is available to be copied or scanned by Readers within the Library, including all the material on the open shelves (but subject to UK copyright limits). Prints or scans can also be made from many microfilms in the Library's reading rooms.

These are the self-service copying charges:

  • A4 photocopier scan (200dpi PDF) – 8p
  • A3 photocopier scan (200dpi PDF) – 8p
  • A4 photocopy (greyscale) – 10p per side
  • A3 photocopy (greyscale) – 20p per side
  • A4 microfilm print (greyscale) – 50p per side
  • A3 microfilm print (greyscale) – 70p per side

Some material in the Library cannot be copied by Readers but can be copied on their behalf by Library staff. Reading Room staff will advise on the options, costs and timeframes.

These are the in-house Library-staff copying charges:

  • A4 photocopier scan (300dpi PDF) – 50p
  • A3 photocopier scan (300dpi PDF) – 85p
  • A4 photocopy (greyscale) – 25p per side
  • A3 photocopy (greyscale) – 35p per side
  • A4 photocopy (colour) – £1.00 per side
  • A3 photocopy (colour) – £1.40 per side
  • A4 microfilm print (greyscale) – £1 up to 10 images (60p for over 10 images)
  • A3 microfilm print (greyscale) – £1.20 up to 10 images (60p for over 10 images)
  • Bi-tonal (black/white) microfilm scan – 65p per frame
  • Greyscale microfilm scan – £1 per frame

Those placing orders online can also request these options, but should be aware that not everything can be copied in this way, due to its age and condition.


Map and large format imaging

Most small maps (up to A3) may be copied or scanned in the usual way, but rare or fragile maps are likely to have limited imaging options.

It is possible to order extracts from larger maps (over A3) as paper copies or PDF files:

  • A4 greyscale extract – 75p
  • A4 colour extract – £2
  • A3 greyscale extract – £1.10
  • A3 colour extract - £2.85

Some maps, plans and other material can be captured via our wide format scanner:

  • A4/A3 - £2.50 per file
  • A2 - £5 per file
  • A1 - £10 per file
  • A0 - £20 per file

For further options, especially for complete copies of larger maps, for map-specific copyright information, and general questions about the Library's map holdings, please contact the Map Room


Other products and charges

Where permitted we can supply Cambridge theses held by the Library for a standard charge of £65 plus VAT (if applicable) for a PDF or photocopy. An additional postage charge will apply if this is posted.

In some cases we can provide scans of whole microfilms for items in our collections. These are charged at £65 plus VAT (if applicable) and are likely to take 4-6 weeks to supply.

Our normal practice is to direct you to a secure online card payment system. If you prefer instead to pay by purchase order or cheque or bank transfer an additional administration charge of £7.50 will apply to cover the cost of processing these transaction.

Our normal practice is to email you a download link when your order is ready. If you prefer instead to receive this order by post an additional charge of £7.50 will apply to cover media (e.g. disc, paper), packaging, postage and handling.


Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to Image Orders.

1. Preservation

We provide images in accordance with the Library's preservation policy, and reserve the right to provide an alternative format if the original item is not suitable for the imaging process requested by the customer. This will usually only happen after consultation.

2. Pre-Payment

All orders must be paid for before delivery.

3. Order Details

If the customer has failed to complete the required bibliographic information, or fails to respond to a request for additional information, we reserve the right to cancel the order at the point of receipt.

4. Cancellation Charge

If the customer cancels an order we have begun to process it, we reserve the right to charge the customer a cancellation fee.

5. Incorrect Item Charge

We reserve the right to charge the full price of any incorrect item supplied as a result of the bibliographic information supplied by the customer.

6. Order Calculation

EU customers registered for VAT are required to quote their VAT registration number at the time of placing an order. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee if subsequently required to send a replacement invoice where: the customer has not included the VAT number or failed to include VAT with their pre-payment.

Apart from cheaper photocopies/scans ordered within the Library all orders are subject to a minimum charge of £10.00 before VAT, postage or other charges.

7. Unfulfilled Order

Where we are unable to fulfill an order (or part thereof) no charge for the order (or part thereof) will be made to the customer.

8. Delivery Responsibility

The Digital Content Unit will not accept responsibility for delay, non-delivery or damage incurred by UK, European or International Postal Services.

9. Copyright

All requests must comply with UK Copyright Law. As part of the ordering procedure all customers are required to sign a copyright declaration form. This must be the personal signature of the person making the request. A stamped or typewritten, or the signature of an agent, is NOT acceptable. This form must be returned to the Digital Content Unit by email attachment, fax or post before delivery of images

10. Permission to Reproduce

The University Library owns and retains at all times the copyright on all copies produced. Customers may not reproduce any material supplied for any reason, (including academic or personal, and whether for profit or not) without prior written permission from the University Library. Customers wishing to reproduce supplied material should complete a Reproduction Request form

11. Use of Copies

In the first instance, all copies are supplied for (a) non-commercial research/private study or (b) internal evaluation for possible reproduction and publication. Evaluation copies for potential commercial use must be destroyed within 60 days of supply if no application for reproduction rights has been made.

12. Price Changes

The Digital Content Unit reserves the right to change the prices as published.

13. Force Majeure

The Digital Content Unit shall not be liable for any delay or failure to fulfill orders by reason of Force Majeure events.

14. Customer Responsibility

If you are ordering on behalf of a third party you agree to communicate these terms and conditions to them, and also to ensure that a copyright declaration form signed by the person you are ordering the images for is returned to us.


Updated July 2015

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