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PCs via which readers can consult the wide range of electronic resources to which the Library subscribes as well as to make use of word-processing and spreadsheet software, and for general internet and e-mail access are available.

PCs are available in the following locations in the University Library

  • North Reading Room(4 CUL-MCS)
  • West Room (12 CUL-MCS)
  • Rare Books (1 CUL-MCS)
  • Manuscripts (1 CUL-MCS)
  • Aoi Reading Room (4 CUL-MCS)
  • North Wing (5 CUL-MCS)
  • West Four (4 CUL-MCS)
  • Royal Enclosure (2 CUL-MCS)

Printing facilities are available for a charge.

Use of University Library IT facilities is governed by the Rules made by the IT Syndicate of the University and JANET Acceptable Use Policy