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The University Library has benefitted, since its existence, from the generousity of benefactors. Here are highlighted some donated collections that have especially improved the library's holdings of French materials :

Donor : Harold William Vazeille Temperley 

Temperley (professor of modern history and master of Peterhouse, 1879-1939) wrote widely on the diplomatic history of the early 20th century, including the Paris Peace Conference (1919), which he attended, and an 11 volume work on British documents on the origins of the war : 1898-1914. Temperley's donation to the Library reflects his professional interest, and focuses on the diplomatic history of the first world war and the inter-war period. 

In particular, his donation of approximately 150 volumes, chiefly in French, features a number of books on Polish and Czechoslovak history. The books are dated generally between 1910-1935. Temperley died in 1939, and AE Scholfield (Librarian, 1923–1949) dated his entry in the Registry of Donations Received as 29 Aug.-3 Sept. 1939. 

Donation : Significant 1st world war, interwar books, especially Czechoslovak and Polish, including the following selection :

  • Beneš (E) : Souvenirs de guerre et de révolution (1914-1918), Paris, 1928 -- 539.c.92.770-771
  • Handelsman (M) : La pologne... pendant la guerre (v.1), Paris, [19..] -- 249.b.48.1
  • Kutizebra (S) : La question polonaise pendant la guerre mondiale, Paris, [?] -- 539.c.93.772
  • Manger (JB) : Le triple entente, Utrecht, 1934 -- 534:1.c.90.23
  • Nicolas II, emp. De Russie : Journal intime, 1914-1918, Paris, 1934 -- 586:8.c.90.7
  • Rosetti (R) : Essais sur l'art militaire des roumains, Bucaresti, 1933 -- Uc.5.115
  • Vermeil (E) : Les origines de la guerre, Paris, 1926 -- 537.c.92.441
  • Lucien-Graux : Histoire des violations du traite de paix, Paris, 1921-7 -- 534:1.d.90.12-15
  • Notovich (N) : La Russie et l'alliance anglaise, Paris, 1906 -- 534:1.d.90.17
  • Ollivier (E) : Philosophie d'une guerre, 1870, Paris, 1910 -- 563:3.d.90.1

Donor : Henry Festing Jones 

The UL has 14 books by Jones; he was a biographer of Samuel Butler and most of the books that we have by him are either editions of Butler's works or biographies of Butler.

Donation : The bequest is made up of 94 books, in French and English dating from between 1770-1905. Striking in this collection is a significant collection of editions of Anatole France, including :

He also gave an early edition of : Beaumarchais (PAC de) : La folle journée, 1785, Londres -- 7735.c.1