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Microform Collections

The Microform Reading Room contains sources for the study of French modern history and modern French literature. Here are the most relevant items:

16th century France

  • French political pamphlets, 1547-1648. Woodbridge, Conn.: Research Publications, [1980]. (Microfilm.Ser.17).

This catalogue lists over 7,600 items held in major collections in American libraries.

Records for this material are not currently available online, but catalogue cards for the individual items in the collection are located in six drawers of the card cabinet on Reading Room Corridor South.

French Revolution

  • Lucas, Colin (ed.). French Revolution research collection. Oxford ; New York: Pergamon Press, 1990. (Microfiche.Ser.8-26).

Microform reproductions of books and pamphlets issued between 1783 and 1880.

  • Hary, J., et al. (ed.). The Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary materials. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1966. (Microfilm.Ser.13)

Catalogue of the collection held in the Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania.

Modern literature

  • Edition Corvey. French language titles. Belser Wissenschaftlicher Dienst, 1996. (Microfilm.Ser.29).

The library of Corvey Castel is one of the largest private book collections of 18th and 19th century literary works in Europe. This collection contains 3,658 titles in French, including many single works and complete editions dating from the 18th century and a number of novels published in the second half of the 19th century. It offers an extensive source of research material for literary historians, especially those interested in studies of women's literature.
The microfiche-titles can be identified by their ISBN number.

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