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General reference

A history of the University of Cambridge [general editor Christopher Brooke] (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1988-2004) (CUL classmark: 477:1.c.95.81-84):
(v. 1) The University to 1546 by Damian Riehl Leader
(v. 2) 1546-1750 by Victor Morgan; with a contribution by Christopher Brooke
(v. 3) 1750-1870 by Peter Searby
(v. 4) 1870-1990 by Christopher N.L. Brooke.

Alan Cobban The medieval English universities: Oxford and Cambridge to c.1500 (Aldershot: Scolar Press, 1988) (CUL classmark: 240.c.98.1600)

Alan Cobban English university life in the Middle Ages (London: UCL Press, 1999) (CUL classmark: Cam.c.999.2)

Elisabeth Leedham-Green A concise history of the University of Cambridge (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996) (CUL classmark: 477:1.c.95.120)

H.E. Peek and C.P. Hall The archives of the University of Cambridge (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1962) (CUL classmark: Cam.b.961.7)

D.A. Winstanley Unreformed Cambridge (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1935) (CUL classmark: Cam.c.935.15)

Ordinances of the University of Cambridge (Cambridge: University of Cambridge, 1858-1994) (CUL classmark: Cam.c.1.30.1-91)

Cambridge University Reporter 1870- (CUL classmark: R241.40)

Student publications

The Granta 1889- (CUL classmark: Cam.b.41.16)

Cambridge magazine C. K. Ogden (ed.) 1912-23 (CUL classmark: Cam.b.31.25)

The Cambridge gownsman and undergraduette 1923-33 (CUL: Cam.b.41.1-10) continues as The Gownsman

The Gownsman 1933-9 (CUL classmark:Cam.b.41.13)

Cambridge Review 1879-1998 (CUL classmark: Cam.b.41.30)

Varsity 1931-8, Varsity Weekly 1938, Cambridge Varsity Post 1939, Varsity 1939-40, Cambridge University Journal 1947-73, continues as Varsity (CUL classmark: Microfilm P105)

Old Cambridge 1920-3 (CUL classmark: Cam.b.31.21)

New Cambridge 1919-29 (CUL classmark: Cam.b.31.22)

The 1/- paper 1968-75 (CUL classmark: Cam.a.31.49.1-5,7)

University sport

Oxford versus Cambridge: a record of inter-university contests from 1827-1930 compiled and arranged by H. M. Abrahams and J. Bruce-Kerr (London: Faber and Faber Ltd., 1931) (CUL classmark: Cam.c.931.7)

World War One

G.V. Carey (ed.) The war list of the University of Cambridge 1914-1918 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1921)  (CUL classmark: Cam.c.921.33)

University examinations

A set of University examination papers from 1871 to the present day is held by Cambridge University Library (CUL classmark: L952.b.5.1- ). Another set of University examination papers covers 1824-1970 (CUL classmark: L952.b.1.1-235). Order in Rare Books Room for pre 1850 papers; West Room for 1850 onwards. Early collections of examination papers are also held at Trinity College. For example, the first Classical Tripos paper, 1824, is in the Wren Library (reference 303.a.2.5).

Examination Papers for Awards and Entrance in the Colleges of the University of Cambridge 1891-1985 (CUL classmark: L952.b.6)

University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate

Examinations arranged by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate: examination papers, class-lists, regulations, syllabuses, and reports, 1858-1969 (CUL classmark: Cam.c.11.51.1- )

Study of English at Cambridge

Richard Mason Cambridge minds (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1994) for Cambridge English, women, James Stuart (CUL classmark: 240.c.99.796)

Sarah J. Ormrod Cambridge contributions  (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998) for Cambridge English, women, Cambridge spies (CUL classmark: Cam.c.998.9)

E.M. W. Tillyard The muse unchained: an intimate account of the revolution in English studies at Cambridge (Bowes and Bowes: London, 1958) (CUL classmarks: Cam.c.958.8 / 240.c.95.370)