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In 2002 BRICMICS (British and Irish Committee on Map Information and Cataloguing Systems) started compiling a list of British and Irish digital projects. 

Since that time several other registries have been established. There are currently 4 registries for map digitization projects (3 based in USA) and these are listed below.

Let me know if you know of any more!

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A) The WAML (Western Association of Map Libraries) Scanning Project Clearinghouse.

  • Launched in March 2006. See also MAGIRT, below.
  • This Clearinghouse is an effort to create a union list of WAML’s digitization projects. Its goal is to increase knowledge of and accessibility to scanned items and to avoid duplication of effort.
  • Contributions are made via a password-protected on-line form.

It is primarily for WAML members though non-WAML members within WAML's principal region may also contribute. 

B) Map Scanning Registry: Map and Geospatial Round Table (MAGIRT) of the American Library Association (ALA).

  • Launched in July 2006.
  • The ALA MAGIRT Map Scanning Registry and the Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML) Scanning Project Clearinghouse have now been combined together. All records from both are now available in the ALA MAGIRT Map Scanning Registry.

Goals of this Registry are to:

  • Find out what scanning is being planned, in process, or complete for a particular geographic area
  • Head off any duplication of effort
  • Provide a resource to use for finding a particular digital image
  • Provide a resource for reviewing the various technical parameters used in different projects

They are interested in all map scanning projects, whether U.S. or international.

C) The Registry of U.S. Government Publication Digitization Projects.

Many map collections contain numerous federally-produced maps.

This Registry:

  • Serves as a locator tool for publicly accessible collections of digitized U.S. Government publications
  • Increases awareness of U.S. Government publication digitization projects that are planned, in progress, or completed
  • Fosters collaboration for digitization projects
  • Provides models for future digitization projects

D) Clearinghouse of Government Documents Digital Projects.

The Clearinghouse of [US] Government Documents Digital Projects was created by the Ad Hoc Committee on Digitization of Government Information "to provide information to librarians and others about digitization projects for local, state, federal, and international government documents that are currently planned, in progress, or already completed..." in hopes that the sharing of information would "facilitate cooperation and partnerships between libraries for digitization projects." In 2007 ALA Government Documents Roundtable [GODORT]'s Government Information Technology Committee agreed to cease updating the database, which was housed at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and transfer the information on local, state, and international government projects to the GODORT wiki.

E) UK Location.

  • The UK Location infrastructure enables you to find, share and reuse, location data, including data published under the INSPIRE Directive.
  • Welcome details of historical scanned maps.
  • Does not include projects in progress.

F) Michael - Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe.

"Ground-breaking project that aims to open up worldwide access to the European cultural heritage. The project is supported by the European Commission. MICHAEL aims to provide simple and quick access to the digital collections of museums, libraries and archives from different European countries". Includes some maps.

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