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The University Library's physical and electronic holdings are served by a number of catalogues.  These are listed below.  Please note that while most records for Modern Greek material contain diacritics, with a macron used to differentiate the e and o vowel pairs ε/η and ο/ω in transliteration, readers do not need to include diacritics when performing searches.  Please also note that our catalogues do not properly support searches in the Greek alphabet; readers should conduct all searches for Greek material with the use of standard transliteration (further information here).


- contains catalogue records for physical books and periodicals and also ejournals
- is separated into clusters of catalogues to be searched individually (the link above goes into the University Library's cluster), including a cluster for Cambridge PhD theses
- general help page here

- contains catalogue records for physical books and periodicals and also ebooks and ejournals
- provides a single union catalogue for libraries across Cambridge
- also contains article-level records for electronic legal deposit journals (text accessible only on dedicated library PCs), and content deposited by members of the University in the institutional repository DSpace@Cambridge
- general help page here

- covers online resources, with the majority of the University's eresources included
- allows you to search the full text of these resources, including online newspapers, citation and full-text databases
- general help page here

Janus provides access to more than 1800 catalogues of archives held throughout Cambridge
- New users are advised to read the Janus welcome pages