As members of a publicly-funded university, you may receive Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI) or Environmental Information Regulation 2004 (EIR) requests about your research.

The University provides some useful and concise information for university members on its FOI pages and EIR pages. Note particularly:

  • Once the university has received an FOI or EIR request, it has 20 working days to respond (Note: requests can come to any member of the university, not just the FOI officer).

  • Both FOIA and EIR both include a number of exemptions and exceptions to protect information such as confidentiality or sensitive data or financially valuable information. If you are concerned, consult your department's FOI officer (if you have one) or the university FOI officer, or the Cambridge Environmental Office for help determining whether you have to release certain information.

Note: This page provides general guidance rather than legal advice - please follow the links provided for further support and advice.

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