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Personal details
For VAT and billing, we need the postal address from which the order is being made even if we are not posting the images to you
If you are having the images posted to you, and you want them to be delivered to an alternative address, you will be able to enter it later in the ordering process
Postcode/ZIP or equivalent. If not known, use NONE
Orders from within EU are eligible for VAT, unless you are collecting the order from the Imaging Services counter
If this is an EU order and you have a VAT number, i.e. BE1234567890 enter it here
If you need to supply an order number from your own institution, insert it here.
Private study or non-commercial research
Evaluation copies for commercial reproduction or publication
This form is for image ordering only. If you wish to reproduce or publish images you will need to make a subsequent and separate Rights Application
We can generate and send a paper invoice for your records if requested
Item details
Title as it appears in Main Catalogue or Archives Catalogue. For journals, this should be the title of the journal rather than the article. (Use Unknown if not certain)
If present, author or editor as it appears in Main Catalogue or Archives Catalogue
i.e. vol. 1, pt. 2 etc. For journals, enter enumeration/date for the issue here.
Classmark as it appears in Main Catalogue, or Archives Catalogue i.e. MS.Add.3965, 379:2.c.95.6, Y30773A/1 (use Unknown if not certain)
Short description to identify work (particularly if title and/or classmark are Unknown). For journals, enter details of the article here.
Use Other if not certain. For maps larger than A3, or for general enquiries about map holdings, please contact the Map Room
Imaging details
Use hyphens to indicate range, separate ranges with commas, i.e. ix-xii,13-16, ff. 6v-13r. For whole work, theses or single items such as photographs, use All. For maps use Whole or Part. Use Unknown if not certain
For digital imaging and overhead scans, one image per page or side. For photocopying, one image per 2-page opening. A copy of a thesis has a fixed price, so the value can be left at 0. Leave at 0 if not known
Images derived from microfilm masters (where available) safeguard delicate originals. If a microfilm original is available you will be contacted with a new estimate.
Any special requirements or processing instructions for your order, including description of section required for images of only part of a map or leaf
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