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Reproduction Rights

The purchase of an image from the Library does not confer the right to reproduce it in a print or electronic publication, either commercial or non-profit making. You must first obtain permission which will normally be granted on acceptance of licence terms and payment of the appropriate fees. Applications should be placed using our online Application for Reproduction Rights Form. This form should also be used for applications for renewal of reproduction rights. Consult our price guide for an outline of charges..

Before making an order, please bear in mind:

  • This page is concerned with applications for Reproduction Rights only. Orders for the images themselves should be placed on the images ordering page. Before applying for reproduction rights, you should first order a copy of the relevant image. The Library cannot license the reproduction of images which it has not supplied.
  • The Library's holdings of all kinds (eg. books, manuscripts, photographs) and images of them created by its Imaging Services department are subject to copyright law. If you wish to reproduce an image or images from a work that is in copyright and where copyright is not owned by or licensed to the Library, you must provide the Library with written permission from the copyright owner, allowing you to reproduce their work for your specific purpose. Clearing copyright permission is the responsibility of the reader. The following notes on reproduction rights relate only to the copyright owned by the Library in images it has supplied and/or its ownership of the original material.
  • As part of the ordering procedure you will need to agree to our Terms and Conditions
  • Those intending to publish images are advised to apply for permission well in advance of publication in order to allow time for licence processing and price calculation.

For those who prefer to order by post, a PDF Paper Form is available.