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Speed maps now in the Cambridge Digital Library ---- Saturday Closure

World map from Abraham Ortelius' Theatrum orbis terrarum [The theatre of the world] published in Antwerp in 1584. Atlas.4.58.1

The Map Department is home to the majority of Cambridge University Library's cartographic resources, from early printed and manuscript maps through to modern resources including Ordnance Survey digital map data.

A quick guide and introduction to the Map Room and its collections can be found here.

The Map Room can be used by any member of the Library. Further information about the Room can be found on our Services page. Readers intending to use the Library in person for the first time should initially contact the Admissions Office.

For more detailed information about the materials held in the Map Department see our Collections page. Help and advice on finding maps in the Library's catalogues can be found here.

Please contact a member of staff if you have any queries regarding the map collections.