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Information Sheets

Map Department Information Sheets:
Printed copies of all of the Map Department Information Sheets are available in the Map Department. They are also available via this web page as MS Word documents (click on the links below):

Buying Maps:
1A - Where to buy current maps and globes in Great Britain (Updated 25/7/13)
1B - Where to buy current maps outside of Britain (Updated 4/12/13)
1C - Where to purchase Soviet military mapping (Updated 2/12/13)
1D - Where to buy Ordnance Survey maps (Updated 2/7/13)
1G - Dealers in old maps and atlases (Updated 29/7/13)

Digital Maps:
1F - Digimap (Updated 16/7/12) [Also available in html format or as a PDF file]

Map Libraries:
2A - Map collections in Cambridge (Updated 28/9/13)
2B - Map collections outside Cambridge (Updated 8/5/15)

General Printed and On-Line Resources:
3 - Cartographic resources (Updated 16/10/14) [As a PDF file]
3b - Map Department - General Introduction (Updated 14/11/14). Provides an overview of the Map Department collections and services and summarises much of the information on the Map Department web pages.
3c - Quick guide to the Map Room. (Updated 20/10/14) [As a PDF file]

Exhibition Guide:
4 - Unfolding Landscapes: Maps of Cambridgeshire from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II. Finding out more [2003]

Cambridge University Library Map Catalogues:
5A - The Card Catalogue (Updated 11/11/14) [For the information in html format click here]
5B - Uncatalogued Collections (Updated 27/7/13) [For the information in html format click here]
5C - Searching Newton for maps, atlases and books on cartography (Updated 8/11/10) [For the information in html see: searching for maps and atlases and searching for books on cartography and gazetteers]