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New featured collection: CCA-CCE.8, editions of the Eikon Basilike presented by F.F. Madan. This image of Charles I, by William Marshall, was used as the frontispiece to many of the editions. See also the Special Collections blog

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New resource: English Historical Documents online

The Rare Book collections of Cambridge University Library cover all subjects of study and include material from the first European printing presses in the fifteenth century up to the present day, and publications from all parts of the world. The Department is responsible for most of the older printed material in the Library, as well as more recent publications which require special care or which have interesting provenances. Information on particular rare book collections can be found in the Collections Directory.

The collections are read in the Munby Rare Books Room. For a brief guide to using the room, see our Reader Guidelines. Readers intending to use the Library for the first time should contact the Admissions Office for further information and an appointment.

In addition to our own classes, several other collections within the Library are consulted in the Munby Rare Books Room;