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Image from The Life of King Edward the Confessor: Exract from Folio 9r:Edward is received in England, and is crowned.

Images of several of our important collections available online:

  • Newton papers
    A collection documents Sir Isaac Newton's writings and ideas consisting primarily of letters to and from 17th and 18th century scientists, including Oughtred, Cavendish, Briggs, Fermat, Oldenburg, Halley, Boyle, and others.
  • Gutenberg Bible.
    The first substantial work printed in Europe from moveable metal type, the so-called Gutenberg or 42-line Bible, produced in Mainz around 1455 by Johann Gutenberg, Johann Fust and Peter Schoeffer.
  • Conrad Martens Sketchbooks I and III
    Two of the sketchbooks of the artist who accompanied Darwin on the voyage of the Beagle.
  • Book of Deer
    Images from the illuminated tenth-century Gospel book (MS. Ii.6.32).
  • Genizah Collection
    Digitized images of some of the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Fragments held by Cambridge University Library.
  • MS. Ee.3.59: The Life of King Edward the Confessor
    The only copy of an illustrated Anglo-Norman verse Life of St Edward the Confessor, written in England probably in the later 1230s or early 1240s, and preserved in this manuscript, executed c. 1250-60.
  • Royal Commonwealth Society Photograph Project
    The RCS photograph gallery seeks to demonstrate the variety of photographs contained in the RCS Collection. It contains over 700 digitised images, dating from the late 19th century to the mid-1980s.