Cambridge University Library

Printing from the library PC network

Printing is available from all Digital Resources Access PCs located across the Library.

1. Pay for your printing at the Reader Services Desk in the Entrance Hall or top up your credit at any time in the Photocopying Room on the 1st floor. Your DRA account and printer credits can also be used for photocopying on the new generation copiers. Payment must be made prior to printing, or the print job is automatically deleted. The price is 10p per page, and the minimum payment is £1.00.

2. Logon to a PC

3. Check for Sufficient Funds. Ensure that you have sufficient funds by placing the pointer over the black dollar sign ($), located at the bottom right of the screen. The current balance will then appear.

4. Print Document. Click ‘File’, ‘Print’. In the Print Menu, for Printer Name, please select "UL_T1\dra". It is a good idea to preview the job before printing: either click the print preview icon at the top left of the screen, or click ‘File’, ‘Print Preview’.

5. Go to the Print Release Station, login, and tick ‘print’ (or ‘delete’) for the desired document(s). The Print Release Stations are located in the Commonwealth Reading Room and in the West Room. Logon with the same user name you use for the DRA PCs, and click the ‘OK’ button. Your print job(s) will appear. You have the option to print or delete by ticking the ‘Print’ or ‘Delete’ box, respectively, and then clicking ‘OK’. Printing begins with a banner page showing your user id (to identify your print job), followed by the print job itself. You are not charged for the banner page.

6. Logout from the Print Release Station. Click the ‘Logout’ button to logout from the Print Release Station.

Further Information

  • Printing is limited to single copies. For multiple copies (copyright permitting), send the print job as many times as the number of copies required.
  • Only A4 black and white printing is currently provided.
  • Some jobs, such as PDF files, take an exceptionally long time to print. As long as the printer information window reads ‘processing’, the printer is functioning correctly. Please do not press any other buttons, or open the paper tray.