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News Feeds

To subscribe, simply copy any of the addresses listed above into your RSS reader.

Loans Feeds

The Library Widget allows you to see the due dates of your loans in Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Thunderbird/Lightning, Outlook and Mac OSX Calendar, or as an RSS feed.

Log into the Widget and click on the Feeds tab to see your loans URLs. The RSS URL can be accessed through your feed reader in the usual way.

To see your due dates in your chosen calendar interface, copy the iCal URL to your clipboard (right-click on the link and select "Copy Link Location"), then follow these instructions:

Google calendar (including the Cambridge UCS Google Apps Calendar Service)

  1. Go to your Google calendar page and log in
  2. Under the "Other Calendars" section in the bottom left of the interface, click on "Add" and then "By URL"
  3. Paste the iCal link into the box which appears (right click and select "Paste") - you will see a "Importing Calendar" message above the main section of the page
  4. When it has imported, your new Calendar will appear in the "Other Calendars" box in the bottom left of the screen
  5. Initially your new calendar's name will be a random-seeming string of letters and numbers. To rename it to something more sensible (i.e. "Library Due Dates"), Click on "Settings" under the "Other Calendars" section, click on the calendar and then type the new name in the "Calendar Name:" section
  6. Please note that Google calendar refreshes at undetermined times. Changes to dates (i.e. renewals or returns) may take a while to be updated.

Yahoo Calendar

  1. Follow these instructions:

Lightning / Thunderbird calendar

  1. Right click on the white pane on the left of the window
  2. Select "new calendar"
  3. Select "on the network"
  4. Select iCalendar (ics) format
  5. Paste the iCal link into the location box
  6. Select a colour


  1. In Outlook, in the top menu, click Tools > Account Settings
  2. In the Account settings windows click on the Internet Calendars tab
  3. Click New...
  4. Paste the iCal url and press Add
  5. In the window that comes up, give the calendar any name you want then press Ok

Mac OSX Calendar

  1. Launch iCal and choose Subscribe.. from the Calendar menu item.
  2. You will then see a drop down from the top of iCal.
  3. Paste the iCal link from the clipboard
  4. Click the Subscribe button.
  5. Change the Auto-refresh to Every hour. Choose a different colour if you wish, but leave the other settings at their defaults.
  6. Click OK