1809 Charles Darwin born in Shrewsbury, England
1819–20 The Beagle built at Woolwich dockyard on the Thames
1825 The Beagle modified for surveying work
October 1827 Darwin came up to Cambridge as a student at Christ’s College
1828–30 Robert FitzRoy’s first captaincy of HMS Beagle
June 1831 Darwin graduated from Cambridge
August 1831 Darwin accompanied Adam Sedgwick on a geological field trip to Wales
27 December 1831 The Beagle set sail from Plymouth
16 January 1832 The Beagle's first landfall at St Jago, Cape Verde Islands
15 February 1832 The Beagle arrived at St Paul’s Rocks
28 February 1832 The Beagle reached South America
April–June 1832 Darwin explores the area around Botofogo, in particular the Corcovado mountains
26 July–30 October 1832 Monte Video
2–10 November 1832 Buenos Aires
14–26 November 1832 Monte Video
16 December 1832  – 26 February 1833 First visit to Tierra del Fuego
1 March – 6 April 1833 First visit to East Falkland Island
28 April – 3 July 1833 Maldonado; Darwin mounts long expeditions inland
July 1833 Conrad Martens joins the Beagle in Monte Video
August–October 1833 Rio Negro; Darwin goes overland to Bahia Blanca and Buenos Aires; then from Santa Fe to Monte Video
December 1833 Sailed south along coast of Patagonia
January 1834 Port Desire and Port Julian
January–March 1834 Through the Strait of Magellan; second visit to Tierra del Fuego
10 March – 7 April 1834 Second visit to East Falkland Island
April – May 1834 FitzRoy led an inland expedition along the Santa Cruz river while the Beagle was repaired
June 1834 The Beagle rounded Cape Horn and reached the west coast of South America
June–December 1834 The Beagle surveyed the island of Chiloé and the Chonos archipelago of southern Chile
July 1834 Conrad Martens left the Beagle
19 January 1835 Mount Osorno erupted
January–September 1835 Darwin mounted inland expeditions across the Andes, Peru
7 September 1835 The Beagle set sail from South America
15 September The Beagle dropped anchor off the Galápagos
October 1835 The Beagle left the Galápagos
1836 The Beagle arrived in Australia
2 October 1836 The Beagle arrived in Falmouth
1839 Journal of Researches published
1842 Coral Reefs published; Darwin moved to Down House in Kent
1846–1854 Darwin undertook an exhaustive taxonomical study of barnacles (Cirripedes)
1859 On the Origin of Species published
May 1870 The Beagle is sold, probably for scrap
1876 Autobiography published
1877 The University of Cambridge awarded Charles Darwin an honorary doctorate
April 1882 Darwin died at his home, Down House, Kent