Cambridge University Library gratefully acknowledges the support of the following organizations and individuals for the acquisition in 2009 of the Siegfried Sassoon Archive (MS Add. 9852):

The National Heritage Memorial Fund; The Monument Trust; The J. Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust; Sir Siegmund Warburg’s Voluntary Settlement; The B. H. Breslauer Foundation, Inc.; Clare College, Cambridge; The Friends of the National Libraries; The John Murray Charitable Trust; The Anstruther Trust; The Friends of Cambridge University Library; The Dulverton Trust; The Egremont Charitable Trust; The Golden Charitable Trust; The Esmée Fairbairn Charitable Trust; Old Possum’s Practical Trust; The Wakefield Trust; The Weinstock Trust; The Broadley Charitable Trust; Jesus College, Cambridge; The Rank Foundation; Education Services; St John’s College, Cambridge; Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge; Trinity College, Cambridge; The Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust; St Catharine’s College, Cambridge; Trinity Hall, Cambridge; Emmanuel College, Cambridge; Wolfson College, Cambridge; Darwin College, Cambridge; The New Beacon; R. G. Abrahams; P. A. Aske; D. A. Atkinson; Olive Baldwin; Chris Bent; Susan Bexson; Margi Blunden, on behalf of the Edmund Blunden Literary Estate; John A. B. Bolton; Anne Bromley; M. L. and G. Burrill; Philip Carne; Mrs N. G. Chapman; Carol Clausen; Rolf Clayton; Jeffrey Cooper; Brian Corley; D. P. Cousin; Sarah Dawkins; The Revd John Drackley; P. G. Dunning; J. P. W. Ehrman; Dianah Ellis; Jacqueline A. Endersby; Mrs D. C. Fisher; Allen Freer; Graham Guest; David J. Hall; Sir Martin Harris; P. W. Hawkes; Rupert Heath; C. A. Hood; Jane Hunt; Brian Jenkins; Gordon Johnson; Elizabeth Jordan; Gareth P. Keller; Wallace Kirsop; Ulrike Kramer; Emily Lane; Colin Lee; David and Sheila Lloyd; Patricia Marsh; Roland G. Mayer; G. F. C. Mellstrom; G. P. M. Merry; Meryl C. Moore; Annie and Michael O’Donoghue; Masatsugu Ohtake; Ian Paton; Rose Knox-Peebles; Anne and Tim Penton; Neil Ritchie; Michael J. Rose; Carol Z. Rothkop; Julian Rushton; Andrew and Sally Scadding; Janette E. Schubert; John M. Smith; J. M. Stace; Felicity Strong; Jack V. Sturiano; Stephen Taylor; Lord Tugendhat; Beatrice E. Walker; Thelma Wilson; Joan Winterkorn; Patricia Playfair-Woodward; and 11 anonymous donors.