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A short poem by an author credited in Greek as 'Philalexandros S.': I haue no veine for verse, but if I could, / Distill each word as pearle, God wote I would: / But sorrow's pearles drop not from pens, but eies, / Whiles others Muse doth write, mine, only cries.A book of verse was published by men from the University of Cambridge.  It includes the first published poems of George Herbert (1593–1633), who was then at Trinity College. Most of the poems are in Latin, Greek or French, except for the apologetic English verse shown here.  A different edition was also published, including a larger number of poems in English.

Translations of the Herbert poems can be read in The Latin poetry of George Herbert: a bilingual edition, translated by Mark McCloskey and Paul R. Murphy (Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 1965), 721.c.96.77, pp. 156-163.