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A folding screen: selected Chinese lyrics from T’ang to Mao Tse-tung; rendered into verse by Alan Ayling

Andoversford: Whittington Press, 1974

This volume was bound by Hunter & Foulis, Ltd, using a printed cloth supplied by Warner and Sons and marbled endpapers from the Compton Press. Number 32 of 200 copies.



Nineteen years and counting: a retrospective bibliography 1969 to 1988

[Sherman Oaks, California]: D’Ambrosio, 1989

The inscription in this volume to John Dreyfus (who subsequently bequeathed it to the University Library) notes that is has a ‘special binding with inlaid illustrations’. It is hand bound in a hinged binding of leather, copper and hand-marbled paper made by Iris Nevins.


Omar Khayyám

Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

London, 1973 (Orpington: L.R. Jones at the Quadrat Press)

This edition uses Edward Fitzgerald’s translation, decorated with embossed etchings by Susan Allix. The edition was limited to 75; 25 copies were bound by the artist, and the remainder (of which this is number 26) by the renowned Sangorski and Sutcliffe of London, using gold-tooled full morocco leather and marbled endpapers.


Emily Martin

The anxiety alphabet

[Iowa]: Naughty Dog Press, 1998

The text starts with ‘A is for Anxiety, after midnight, Always’, passes via ‘K is for Karma, not good’, and ends with ‘Z is for ZZZ, at last’. The covers are of paper over board, with added pins and needles.


James Joyce

The ondt and the gracehoper

[Chicago: Joseph J. D’Ambrosio; printed by Elmore Mundell, The Compulsive Printer, Portage (Indiana), 1975]

The serigraphs (silk screen prints), blockprints and presentation case of this edition of 50 copies were prepared by hand by the artist. The cover relief serigraph is gilded with 23 carat gold.




[Rhinoceros Press], 1984

This volume comprises a single sheet, concertina folded and bound in thin plywood boards. The text is selected from the Old Testament story of King David. This is number 16 of an edition of 100 copies, printed, designed, compiled and illustrated with wood and linocuts by E.M. Clarke, and printed on a Wharfedale press by G.H.C. Cooper.


Thomas Tusser

A selection from Five hundred points of good husbandry

[London]: Burnt Wood Press, [1981]

Taken from the Book of huswifery and March’s abstract (1573). The lettering and images were drawn and transferred to lithographic plates and printed on hand-made paper by Ellen Hogan. The cloth binding imitates the style of patchwork known as ‘Log Cabin’. Number 10 of a limited edition of 60 copies signed by the artist.


Michael Dan Archer


Loughborough: Loughborough University School of Art and Design, 1998

12 shaped leaves between two interlocking blocks of Birchover gritstone. The project derived from a sculpture entitled Rodadero, created by Archer using massive stones from a quarry near Matlock, which he cut and stacked; the form was influenced by the interlocking irregular masonry used by the Incas in Peru. The leaves contain photographs of the sculpture at different stages. This is copy number 5 of a limited edition of 14 copies.