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Anthony Gross

The very rich hours of Le Boulvé

Cambridge: Rampant Lions Press, 1980

Anthony Gross (1905-1984) bought a house in Le Boulvé (Lot) in 1955, and thereafter spent part of every year in the village. As David Garnett says in the foreword to this book, ‘here you will learn about Tony’s neighbours, how they live and work, and about the history and architecture of the region. There is much about the local wine...’ A letter from the author to the printer and the printer’s copy of the text are shown alongside the published volume.

864.a.33(96) and MS Rampant Lions

Gavin Ewart

A cluster of clerihews

Leamington Spa: Sixth Chamber Press, 1985

This volume was designed and printed by Sebastian Carter at the Rampant Lions Press. It was produced in a limited edition of 201 copies, signed by the author.


Jobbing Printing

The Rampant Lions Press has always undertaken a certain amount of jobbing printing: the setting of letterheads, invitations and the like. Displayed are two sample leaves from albums compiled by Will and Sebastian Carter.

864.a.33(73) and MS Rampant Lions

William Morris

The story of Cupid and Psyche; with illustrations designed by Edward Burne-Jones, mostly engraved on wood by William Morris; with an introduction by A. R. Dufty .

London: Clover Hill Editions, 1974

Designed and printed by Will and Sebastian Carter, this successful completion of a project begun by Morris and Burne-Jones in the 1860s used Morris’s original wood-blocks and some of the original Troy type from the Kelmscott Press (now in the Cambridge University Press collection). Additional Troy type was cast from the original matrices by the Oxford University Press foundry.


Joseph Guy Lubbock

Perceptions of the earth

London: Bertram Rota (Publishing) Ltd, 1977

This is one of a series of books by Joseph Lubbock, an engineer who took up writing and illustration in retirement. ‘His are extraordinary and visionary books. Nobody else has steered his course in taking on the universe – for that is the theme, nothing less’ (Colin Franklin, writing in the journal Fine print, 1979). This limited edition of 70 copies was printed at the Rampant Lions Press.


‘Stowe Dummy’

The draft title page of a projected volume on the buildings in the gardens at Stowe. The ink and wash sketch is by John Piper, who was to have provided the illustrations. The volume was never produced, although Piper’s artwork was published in 1983 as John Piper’s Stowe.

MS Rampant Lions