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With your help the Friends can continue to support the Library and its extraordinary collection of over 8 million items, including an array of Special Collections and over 2 million items accessible on open shelves. 

In the last 5 years the Friends have contributed £150,000 through regular and one-off donations. These donations support the Library in making new acquisitions, and help make the Library's collections acccessible for free through a specialist Exhibition Centre, and available online  from anywhere in the world through the Cambridge Digital Library


From the President 

The Friends support the Library in a number of ways: every year we contribute funds for new acquisitions and to help with the running of the Milstein Exhibition Cenre. Their support is crucial to the Library, and they are the first port of call when an exceptional contribution is needed to launch a major campaign for funds. In recent years the Friends have helped to have helped secure the Sassoon papers, the Codex Zacynthius, and the Lewis-Gibson Genizah collection among many others. 

Friends benefit from an exciting series of lectures and events to which they are invited to bring guests. There are also opportunities for Friends to become involved in the Library, such as by giving their time in a voluntary capacity. We have ambitious plans to enrol 600 new members so that we can provide even further support to the Library. I hope that you will help us in our mission by joining as a member and helping to spread the word. 

Dr Gordon Johnson, President of the Friends Committee


The Friends Committee

The Committee is entrusted by the Friends to oversee financial and administrative matters and meets 3 times a year. Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Friends. The current members on the Committee are: 

Dr Gordon Johnson (President), Mr William Hale (Honorary Secretary) and Mrs Catherine Ansorge (Bulletin Co-editor), Mrs Pat Aske (College Librarian Representative), Lady Julia Boyd (Events), Sir Charles Chadwyck-Healey (Membership), Ms Celine Ophelders (Treasurer), Mrs Sally Dore (Volunteers), Dr Boris Jardine (Bulletin Co-editor), Mrs Emily Johnson (Membership and Publicity), Mr Mark Purcell (Library Leadership), Dr Derek Scales (General Member).
The University Librarian sits on the Committee ex officio, and Ms Laura Greenfield (Associate Director, Development) and Ms Kimberley Greed (Friends Coordinator) also sit in on the Committee. If you have a question for the Committee you can contact / 01223 765362. 


Friends Annual Report

Reports for the last 5 years are available to download and you can also request copies dating back further by contacting Kim Greed on 01223 765362. 

Annual Report of the Friends of the Library 2015-2016
Annual Report of the Friends of the Library 2014-2015
Annual Report of the Friends of the Library 2013-2014
Annual Report of the Friends of the Library 2012-2013
Annual Report of the Friends of the Library 2011-2012

Library Annual Report

Find out about some of the successful activities of the Friends in the 2015-2016 Library Annual Report.

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Friends Coordinator: 
Kimberley Greed

The Friends of Cambridge University Library, West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DR

01223 765362


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