Journals Co-ordination Scheme

The University of Cambridge has a large and diverse collection of print and electronic journals. Print journals are located in libraries across the University and can be located by searching the Online catalogues. The ejournal collection can be accessed via the ejournals@cambridge portal, and also via records in the Newton Catalogue for the University Library and affiliated libraries.

The management of journals subscriptions is managed via a Journals Co-ordination Scheme in which all Schools participate. The Journals Co-ordination Scheme (JCS) was established as a pilot project in 2003, and is now a University-wide scheme for the management, selection and purchasing of journals - both print and electronic for the University.

The aim of the JCS is to manage the print and electronic journal holdings for the University in order to provide access to relevant journal literature to meet the needs of the academic and research community and to support the University’s mission to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. The JCS aims to make cost-effective use of resources by the elimination of duplicate print subscriptions where appropriate and by increasing online access to titles to meet the needs of the academic community within the University.