libraries@cambridge: Members listed by SRN (sequential record number prefix)

SRN Letter code CULoS code Department/College/Institute Name  
501 GEO Geog Geography Library  
502 AFR Afr African Studies  
503 LAS LAS Latin-American Studies  
504 SAS SAS South Asian Studies  
505 JOH Joh St John's College  
506 MED Med Medical Library  
507 SQL Sq Squire Law Library  
508 MAR Mar Economics (Marshall Library)  
509 APB Ag Applied Biology  
510 CLA Clas Classics  
511 ENL Engl English  
512 EXP Psy Psychology  
513 WSM WL Whipple Library  
514 ORS Or Asian and Middle Eastern Studies  
515 PEN Pen Music (Pendlebury Library)  
516 EAS Geol Earth Sciences  
517 FWM Fitz Fitzwilliam Museum  
518 CAV Cav Physics (Rayleigh Library)  
519 HIS Hist History (Seeley Library)  
520 SPL SPL Central Science Library  
521 ASN ASNC ASNC Library  
522 MML M.L. MML Libraries  
523 CAI Cai Gonville and Caius College  
524 PHI Ph. Philosophy (Casimir Lewy Library)  
525 BUL Bul. Bullard Laboratories  
526 NRI NRI Needham Research Institute  
527 PHY Phys Physiology, Development and Neuroscience  
528 COL Col Biochemistry (Colman Library)  
529 SOC Soc Social and Political Sciences  
530 CTH Cath St Catharine's College  
531 SID SSM Sidney Sussex Muniments  
532 IIT AIIT Ancient India and Iran Trust  
533 CRI Crim Criminology (Radzinowicz Library)  
534 EMM Emma Emmanuel College  
535 TRI Trin Trinity College  
536 BGN B.G. Botanic Garden (Cory Library)  
537 COM Comp Computer Laboratory  
538 CHM Chem Chemical Laboratory  
539 NNM Nnm Newnham College  
540 VET Vet Clinical Veterinary Medicine  
541 CHU Chur Churchill College  
542 ANA Anat Anatomy School Library  
543 ETH Eth. Archaeology & Anthropology (Haddon Library)  
544 BOT Bot. Plant Sciences  
545 FIT F.C. Fitzwilliam College  
546 NEW Newt Isaac Newton Institute  
547 VAN Lov Anatomy (Lovaton Library)  
548 LAN L.E. Land Economy (now Mill Lane Library)  
549 FML FML Clare College (Forbes Mellon Library)  
550 SCO Sco. Scott Polar Research Institute  
551 CHE Ch.E Chemical Engineering  
552 WES Wesl Wesley House  
553 RID Rid. Ridley Hall  
554 WSC Wesc Westcott House  
555 WEM Wesm Westminster College  
556 BAL Bal Zoology (Balfour Library)  
557 GSP GSP Global Security Programme  
558 GEN Gen Genetics  
559 DIV Div. Divinity  
560 ARC Arct Architecture and Art  
561 LUC L.C. Lucy Cavendish  
562 WOL Wolf Wolfson College  
563 JES Jes Jesus College  
564 QUE Que. Queens' College  
566 KGS Kgs King's College  
567 MPS Mps Map Room, Geography Department  
568 UIE EDSH Education - Shaftesbury Road (now Faculty of Education)  
569 SEL Sel Selwyn College  
570 DAR Darw Darwin College  
571 TYN Tyn Tyndale House Library  
572 SSC Sid Sidney Sussex College  
573 COR Corp Corpus Christi College  
574 AST Ast Astronomy Library  
575 PEM Pem Pembroke College  
576 HML HML Henry Martyn Library  
577 BEI Beit Beit Library, MML Library  
578 MET Met Materials Science  
579 TRH TriH Trinity Hall  
580 PMA PMa Betty & Gordon Moore Library  
581 JIM JIMS Judge Business School Information Centre  
582 EDM Edm St. Edmund's College  
583 APM AMA Applied Mathematics (now part of Moore Library)  
584 EDU EDBR Education - Brookside (now Faculty of Education)  
585 CHR Chr Christ's College  
586 ROB Rob Robinson College  
587 CIL RCIL Lauterpacht Centre for International Law  
588 PAT Path Pathology (Kanthack & Nuttall Library)  
589 APE AEco Applied Economics (now part of Marshall Library)  
590 CCR CCR Christ's College, Bodley  
591 MBI MBI Margaret Beaufort Library  
592 HOM Hom Homerton College  
593 JCR JCR Centre for Jewish-Christian Relations  
594 CUS CUS Cambridge Union Society  
595 OCS OCS Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies  
596 MAG Magd Magdalene College  
597 HUG Hugh Hughes Hall  
NHL Murray Edwards College (previously New Hall)  


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