CNKI CAJ and CJP Serials Lists

Cambridge University Library has subscribed to the following seven series in the CNKI China Academic Journals (CAJ) and Century Journals Project (CJP) databases. These lists are correct as of August 2009. For later additions or amendments, please refer to the CNKI website.

1 CAJ Series F Literature, History and Philosophy 文史哲 710
2 CAJ Series G Economics, Politics and Law 政治、经济、法律 621
3 CAJ Series H Education and Social Sciences 教育、社会综合 1,714
4 CAJ Series I Electronics and Information Science 电子技术及信息科学 489
5 CJP Phase One Series F, G, H and I 100
6 CJP Phase Two Series F 226
7 CJP Phase Two Series G 150
  Total Serial Titles 4,036