CHANT Databases

Five CHANT (CHinese ANcient Text) databases from the Chinese University of Hong Kong are available to members of Cambridge University:

1. 甲骨文 (53,834 片; 1,000,000 多字)
2. 金文 (12,021 器; 140,000 多字)
3. 竹简帛书 (1,400,000 多字)
4. 先秦两汉文献 (88 种; 9,000,000 多字)
5. 魏晋南北朝文献 (914 种; 25,000,000 多字)

Members of Cambridge University may access these databases from a machine with an IP address within the "" domain by using the following URL:

From a machine outside the University members may use VPDN. For the present it is not possible to use Raven to access CHANT.

Upon reaching the CHANT welcome page, access the databases by clicking on the button marked "机构用户登入".

N.B. Please use Internet Explorer 10.0 or above with 1920 x 1080 resolution to view the databases.