Cambridge University Library
Chinese E-resources

This list includes only commercial e-resources available to authorised members of the University of Cambridge.
Recommended public resources and library-related sites are listed separately.

Apabi E-books 144,670 titles
Apabi Ancient Books 6,294 titles
Apabi Reference Books 10 titles
Apabi Yearbooks 10 titles
CHANT (先秦两汉) 88 titles
CHANT (魏晋南北朝) 914 titles
Total 151,986 titles
CNKI CAJ Series F 710 titles
CNKI CAJ Series G 621 titles
CNKI CAJ Series H 1,714 titles
CNKI CAJ Series I 489 titles
CNKI CJP Phase One 126 titles
CNKI CJP Phase Two Series F 226 titles
CNKI CJP Phase Two Series G 150 titles
Apabi Newspapers 10 titles
Apabi Beijing Review 2,325 issues
TEPS 894 titles
Sinica Sinoweb 14 titles
Total 4,955 titles
CHANT (甲骨文) 53,834 inscriptions
CHANT (金文) 12,021 inscriptions
CHANT (竹简帛书) 87 texts
Apabi Fine Arts Database 中国出土器精品馆(瓷器馆)
Duxiu Approximately 3 million items