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FB.1-99 Bibliography and generalia
 FB.11-18 Library catalogues
 FB.51-70 Collectanea of a general nature
 FB.71-78 Collectanea
 FB.81-87 General collected essays and miscellaneous notes
FB.100-199 History and biography
 FB.125-128 Foreign relations
 FB.131-137 Ancient period until 255 B.C.
 FB.140-141 Ch'in, Han and Three Kingdoms (255 B.C.- A.D. 265)
 FB.143-144 Chin, Northern and Southern Dynasties, Sui (265-618)
 FB.146-147 T'ang and Five Dynasties (618-960)
 FB.151-158 Sung and Yüan (960-1368)
 FB.160-162 Ming (1368-1644)
 FB.164-173 Ch'ing (1644-1911)
 FB.181-197 Biography
FB.200-249 Geography and local history
 FB.221-244 Local descriptions and travel, including gazetteers
FB.250-299 Archaeology and epigraphy
 FB.259-280 Archaeology of particular sites
 FB.282-299 Descriptions of artifacts (catalogues, reproductions,epigraphy)
FB.300-399 Social sciences and law
 FB.311-329 Anthropology
 FB.331-339 Sociology
 FB.341-359 Administration
 FB.361-379 Economics
 FB.381-389 Law
 FB.391-399 Education
FB.400-499 Language
 FB.411-418 Semantics
 FB.422-426 Syntax
 FB.431-434 Textbooks
 FB.441-456 Script
 FB.461-469 Phonetics
 FB.471-479 Lexicography
 FB.481-489 Dialects
FB.500-699 Literature
 FB.531-548 Literature before T'ang
 FB.551-569 T'ang and Five Dynasties (618-960)
 FB.571-587 Sung, Chin and Yüan (960-1368)
 FB.591-599 Ming (1368-1644)
 FB.601-618 Ch'ing (1644-1911)
 FB.620-629 Tz'u
 FB.630-654 Opera and songs
 FB.656-680 Fiction
 FB.681-696 Modern literature (after 1919)
 FB.697-699 Miscellaneous
FB.700-899 Philosophy and religion
 FB.721-774 Confucianism
 FB.781-797 Taoism
 FB.804-807 Legalists
 FB.811-836 Ch'in and Han
 FB.841-846 Three Kingdoms, Chin, Northern & Southern Dynasties (220-589)
 FB.851-856 Sui, T'ang and Five Dynasties (589-960)
 FB.861-869 Sung and Yüan
 FB.871-879 Ming and Ch'ing
 FB.885-888 Christianity (other than Nestorianism)
 FB.891-896 Modern period
FB.900-949 Fine and recreative arts
FB.950-999 Science and technology

FB.1* general studies, including bibliographies of bibliography, catalogues of bibliographies
FB.2 periodicals
FB.3 collectanea
FB.4 History of paper, printing and binding, including specimen reproductions
FB.6 History of libraries, including works on classification and private book collections
Library catalogues
FB.11* official libraries of Chinese books until 1850, both in China and Japan
FB.13* public libraries in China after 1850
FB.16* private Chinese collections
FB.18* Japanese and other foreign collections of Chinese books after 1850
FB.21* General bibliographies,including those on general reference works and editions
FB.24 Miscellaneous bibliographical notes, essays, diaries, tu-shu chi 读书记, etc.
FB.25* Special bibliographies, relating to historical periods, geographical areas,prohibited books, lost and rediscovered books, etc.
FB.27 Studies on textual transmission, authenticity, chiao-hsüeh 校学, etc.
FB.29* Bibliographies of and indexes to collectanea and periodicals of a general nature
FB.30 History of modern publishing houses, periodicals, etc.
FB.31 Encyclopaedias (lei-shu 类书)
FB.34 Modern general reference works, including almanacs, year books, etc.
FB.37 Learned societies, museums, academies, congresses, etc.; foreign sinology
FB.41-45 General periodicals
Collectanea of a general nature
FB.51 Sung to Ming
FB.53 Ch'ing: first period (1644-1795)
FB.55 Ch'ing: second period (1796-1850)
FB.57 Ch'ing: third period (1851-1911)
FB.59 Republic (1912-1949)
FB.61 Modern (post 1949)
FB.64-65 Collected facsimile reprints
FB.66 Collected fragments, including Tun-huang MSS. and their bibliographies
FB.68 Series of indexes
FB.70 Series of kambun 汉文 editions (Japanese)
FB.71 originating in a particular locality
FB.73 by members of a particular family
FB.74 by individual writers: died before 1800
FB.76 by individual writers: died between 1800 and 1911
FB.78 by individual writers: died after 1911
General collected essays and miscellaneous notes
FB.81 collectanea and anthologies
FB.83 individual writers: before 1644
FB.85 individual writers: between 1644 and 1911
FB.87 individual writers: after 1911
FB.90 Anniversary volumes and mélanges by different writers (modern style)
FB.93 General (non-literary) anthologies
FB.98 Translations into Chinese of works not relating to China
FC.99 Works in other languages (Manchu, Mongol etc.)
FB.101* Bibliography
FB.102 Periodicals
FB.103 Collectanea
FB.104 Periodicals (continued)
FB.105* Reference works
FB.107* Chronology and chronological tables
FB.108 Chinese calendars
FB.111 Historical thought and historiography, including shih-p'ing 史评 and shih-lun 史论
FB.113 General records and archives (shih-liao 史料)
FB.116 Collected Standard Histories and collected commentaries thereon
FB.118 Annalistic and topical histories (pien-nien 编年 and chi-shih pen-mo 纪事本末), except those dealing with a particular period
FB.121 Modern works on the general history of China
FB.122 History of ethnic minorities in China
Foreign relations
FB.125 with Japan, Korea, Ryukyu Islands, Annam
FB.128 with other countries, and general studies
Ancient period until 255 B.C.
FB.131 Shih chi 史记
FB.132 Chu-shu chi-nien 竹书纪年, Mu t'ien-tzu chuan 穆天子传, Shan-hai ching 山海经
FB.133 I Chou-shu 逸周书, Kuo yü 国语, Chan-kuo ts'e 战国策
FB.135 other sources, including later works in the traditional style
FB.137 modern works
Ch'in, Han and Three Kingdoms (255 B.C. - A.D. 265)
FB.140 Standard Histories, commentaries thereon and other traditional style works
FB.141 modern works
Chin, Northern and Southern Dynasties, Sui (265-618)
FB.143 Standard Histories, etc.
FB.144 modern works
T'ang and Five Dynasties (618-960)
FB.146 Standard Histories, etc.
FB.147 modern works
Sung and Yüan (960-1368)
FB.151 Standard Histories, etc.: Sung
FB.153 Standard Histories, etc.: Liao, Chin and Yüan
FB.155 modern works: general and Northern Sung (960-1127)
FB.156 modern works: Southern Sung (1127-1279)
FB.157 modern works: Liao, Hsi-hsia and Chin
FB.158 modern works: Yüan
Ming (1368-1644)
FB.160 Standard Histories, etc.
FB.162 modern works
Ch'ing (1644-1911)
FB.164 shih-lu 实录 and shih-liao 史料
FB.166 other general works, traditional style
FB.167 general works, modern
FB.168 early Ch'ing (1644-1722)
FB.169 middle Ch'ing (1723-1839)
FB.170 late Ch'ing (1840-1911): general
FB.171 late Ch'ing (1840-1874)
FB.173 late Ch'ing (1875-1911)
FB.175 Republic (1912-1949)
FB.176 Modern history after 1949
FB.181* dictionaries and general reference works (including works on alternative names)
FB.183 collected biographies: for particular localities
FB.184 collected biographies: for special categories (lieh-nü 列女, etc.)
FB.186 before A.D. 265: collected
FB.187 before A.D. 265: individual
FB.188 265-960: collected
FB.189 265-960: individual
FB.190 Sung and Yüan (960-1368): collected
FB.191 Sung and Yüan (960-1368): individual
FB.192 Ming (1368-1644): collected
FB.193 Ming (1368-1644): individual
FB.194 Ch'ing (1644-1911): collected
FB.195 Ch'ing (1644-1911): individual
FB.196 after 1911: collected
FB.197 after 1911: individual
FB.199 Genealogy, surnames and tabooed names
FB.201* Bibliography
FB.202 Periodicals
FB.205* Reference works, including geographical dictionaries
FB.207 Maps and atlases
FB.209 General descriptions of China: written before 1912
FB.210 General descriptions of China: written after 1911
FB.213 Physical geography
FB.214 Hydrography, including irrigation and flood control
FB.215 Orography
FB.217 Scenery, travel and antiquities
FB.219 Frontiers
Local descriptions and travel, including gazetteers
FB.221 Hopei, Peking, Tientsin
FB.222 Shantung
FB.223 Honan
FB.224 Shansi
FB.225 Shensi
FB.226 Kansu, Ningsia
FB.227 Szechwan
FB.228 Hupeh
FB.229 Hunan
FB.230 Kiangsi
FB.231 Anhwei
FB.232 Kiangsu, Shanghai
FB.233 Chekiang
FB.234 Fukien, Taiwan
FB.235 Kwangtung
FB.236 Kwangsi
FB.237 Kweichow
FB.238 Yünnan
FB.239 Manchuria, Liaoning, Kirin, Heilungkiang
FB.240 Mongolia
FB.241 Tibet, Hsikang, Chinghai
FB.242 Sinkiang
FB.244 leased territories
FB.246 Descriptions of foreign countries (but for descriptions by early Buddhist travellers see FA.862)
FC.248 Descriptions of Korea, including Korean history
FB.251* Bibliography
FB.252 Periodicals
FB.253 Collectanea
FB.255* Reference works
FB.256 General studies, histories and biographical works
FB.257 Archaeology of particular periods
Archaeology of particular sites
FB.259 Hopei, Peking, Tientsin
FB.260 Shantung
FB.261 Honan
FB.262 Shansi
FB.263 Shensi
FB.264 Kansu, Ningsia
FB.265 Szechwan
FB.266 Hupeh
FB.267 Hunan
FB.268 Kiangsi
FB.269 Anhwei
FB.270 Kiangsu, Shanghai
FB.271 Chekiang
FB.272 Fukien, Taiwan
FB.273 Kwangtung
FB.274 Kwangsi
FB.275 Kweichow
FB.276 Yünnan
FB.277 Manchuria, Liaoning, Kirin, Heilungkiang
FB.278 Mongolia
FB.279 Tibet, Hsikang, Chinghai
FB.280 Sinkiang
Descriptions of artifacts (catalogues, reproductions, epigraphy)
FB.282 general
FB.285 bone (chia ku 甲骨)
FB.288 metal (chin wen 金文)
FB.291 numismatics, philately
FB.292 mirrors, weapons, weights, tallies
FB.293 stone (pei k'o 碑刻)
FB.296 jade
FB.297 terracotta (tiles, grave figures, seals)
FB.299 bamboo and wood
FB.301* Bibliography
FB.302 Periodicals
FB.303 Collectanea
FB.305* Reference works
FB.311 physical anthropology
FB.312 general ethnology
FB.314 ethnography of China, except for northern tribes
FB.316 ethnography of northern tribes (Altaic, Tibetan, Mongolian, Uighur and others)
FB.318 ethnography of Taiwan and South-East Asia
FB.321 folklore, manners and customs
FB.324 popular literature (folksongs, proverbs, riddles, posters, tui lien 对联, etc.)
FB.326 popular religion and mythology, including non-Christian tracts
FB.329 occultism (divination, astrology, physiognomy, geomancy, etc.)
FB.331 general
FB.333 family system, position of women, etc.
FB.335 class structure and slavery
FB.336 Overseas Chinese (Hua ch'iao 华侨)
FB.337 urban and rural communities; ecology
FB.338 societies and clubs
FB.339 social problems
FB.341 history of political thought (modern works)
FB.343 comprehensive surveys of political institutions (Shih t'ung 十通, Li-tai chih-kuan piao 历代职官表)
FB.345 institutions and bureaucracy of individual dynasties
FB.347 government and armed forces after 1911
FB.349 ceremonies and ritual
FB.351 collected edicts
FB.353 collected memorials
FB.355 selection and examination systems (but for examination essays see 523-618)
FB.356 individual offices
FB.357 local administration
FB.359 political parties and pamphlets
FB.361 economic theory
FB.362 general economic history
FB.364 demography, including census and migration
FB.365 land and agriculture, including rural co-operatives
FB.366 industry and mining, including forestry and fisheries
FB.367 trade and commerce, banking; prices
FB.368 transport and communications
FB.369 labour
FB.371 currency
FB.372 public finance; tax
FB.374 public works
FB.375 public monopolies
FB.376 weights and measures
FB.379 international trade
FB.381 general studies and monographs
FB.383 codes ( 律)
FB.385 cases
FB.387 modern law
FB.389 international law
FB.391 general studies and monographs
FB.396 textbooks
FB.399 letter-writers
FB.401* Bibliography
FB.402 Periodicals
FB.403 Collectanea
FB.405 General treatises on philology, including collected studies
FB.411 general studies and monographs; hsün ku hsüeh 训诂学
FB.413 Erh-ya 尔雅
FB.415 Fang yen 方言
FB.417 other works before Sung
FB.418 works since Sung
FB.422 punctuation (chang-chü 章句)
FB.424 particles
FB.426 modern-style grammar
FB.431 for Chinese and Japanese readers
FB.434 for Western readers (but for textbooks on dialects see 481-489)
FB.441 general studies and monographs
FB.443 Shuo-wen chieh-tzu 说文解字, including commentaries
FB.446 other works on script (tzu-shu 字书) before Ming
FB.448 dictionaries of early forms of characters
FB.450 dictionaries and manuals of cursive and vulgar forms of characters
FB.452 special topics
FB.456 character arrangement and character reform
FB.461 general studies and monographs (but for descriptive phonetics see 481-489)
FB.463 phonology (historical phonetics)
FB.465 rhyme dictionaries and rhyme tables; Ch'ieh yün 切韵
FB.467 special topics
FB.469 phonetic script and romanization
FB.471 dictionaries of Ming and Ch'ing, including tzu-tien 字典 and tz'u-tien 辞典
FB.472 dictionaries later than 1911, including Chinese-Japanese, Japanese-Chinese
FB.474* special dictionaries (of literary allusions, alliterations, etc.)
FB.477 Chinese-European language dictionaries, except for dialects other than Pekinese
FB.479 European language-Chinese dictionaries, except for dialects other than Pekinese
FB.481 general (but for Fang yen 方言 see 415)
FB.483 Mandarin (kuan-hua 官话) dialects
FB.485 Wu 吴 dialects, including textbooks and dictionaries
FB.486 Min 闽 dialects, including textbooks and dictionaries
FB.487 Yüeh 粤 dialects, including textbooks and dictionaries; Hakka 客家
FB.489 other dialects, including textbooks and dictionaries
FB.491 Comparative Sino-Tibetan linguistics
FB.492 Tibetan and Burmese language groups, including Hsi-hsia 西夏 (Tangut)
FB.494 I 彝 (formerly called Lolo 倮倮) and Moso 么些 (Na-hsi 纳西)
FB.495 Thai languages
FB.497 Miao 苗, Yao 瑶 and Min-chia 民家
FB.498 Other Sino-Tibetan and related languages
FB.499 Austronesian, South Asian and other languages
FB.501* Bibliography
FB.502 Periodicals
FB.505* Reference works
FB.511 Collected studies on Chinese literature: by different writers
FB.513 Collected studies on Chinese literature: by individual writers
FB.515 General histories of Chinese literature
FB.517 Histories of special literary categories (but for tz'u 词, drama and fiction see 620-680)
FB.521 Literary criticism and works on style, covering all periods
FB.523 General literary anthologies
FB.525 General anthologies of poetry (but for tz'usee 620-629)
FB.527 General anthologies of prose (ku-wen 古文), including fu 赋 and p'ien-t'i 骈体
FB.529 Local anthologies
FB.530 Literature of ethnic minorities in China
Literature before T'ang
FB.531 collectanea
FB.533 histories and general studies
FB.535 literary criticism
FB.537 Ch'u tz'u 楚辞
FB.540 Wen hsüan 文选
FB.541 other anthologies
FB.543 Han writers (206 B.C. - A.D. 220)
FB.544 writers of the Three Kingdoms (220-265)
FB.545 Chin writers (262-420)
FB.547 T'ao Ch'ien 陶潜
FB.548 writers of the Northern and Southern Dynasties and Sui (420-618)
T'ang and Five Dynasties (618-960)
FB.551 collectanea
FB.553 histories and general studies
FB.555 literary criticism
FB.557 general anthologies and anthologies of poetry
FB.558 anthologies of prose
FB.560 writers of the first period (618-713)
FB.561 writers of the second period (713-766)
FB.562 Li Po 李白
FB.563 Tu Fu 杜甫
FB.565 writers of the third period (766-835)
FB.566 Han Yü 韩愈 and Liu Tsung-yüan 柳宗元
FB.568 Po Chü-i 白居易 and Yüan Chen 元稹
FB.569 writers of the fourth period (836-960)
Sung, Chin and Yüan (960-1368)
FB.571 collectanea
FB.573 histories and general studies
FB.575 literary criticism
FB.577 anthologies
FB.580 Northern Sung writers (960-1127)
FB.583 Su Shih 苏轼 (1037-1101)
FB.584 Southern Sung writers (1127-1279)
FB.587 Chin and Yüan writers (1115-1368)
Ming (1368-1644)
FB.591 collectanea
FB.593 histories and general studies
FB.595 literary criticism
FB.597 anthologies
FB.598 writers of the first period (1368-1529)
FB.599 writers of the second period (1530-1644)
Ch'ing (1644-1911)
FB.601 collectanea
FB.603 histories and general studies
FB.605 literary criticism
FB.607 anthologies
FB.611 writers of the first period (1644-1722)
FB.613 writers of the second period (1723-1795)
FB.616 writers of the third period (1796-1850)
FB.618 writers of the fourth period (1851-1919)
FB.620 collectanea
FB.621 anthologies
FB.623 history and biography
FB.624 prosody and style
FB.625 writers of T'ang and Five Dynasties
FB.627 writers of Sung, Chin and Yüan
FB.629 writers of Ming and Ch'ing
Opera and songs
FB.630 collectanea
FB.632 collected material on particular themes
FB.633 anthologies
FB.635 collected arias (san-ch'ü 散曲)
FB.637 history, biography and other general studies
FB.640 prosody and music (all types)
FB.642 song recitations (shuo ch'ang 说唱) and story-telling; t'an tz'u 弹词, kung tiao 宫调, hsiang sheng 相声
FB.644 ballet, puppet shows, drolls and other pre-dramatic arts
FB.645 "Northern Drama" (tsa-chü 杂剧)
FB.648 "Southern Drama" (hsi-wen 戏文and ch'uan-ch'i 传奇); K'un ch'ü 昆曲
FB.651 popular and local opera (I-yang 弋阳 and its descendants, etc.), including Peking opera
FB.654 popular songs and stories, including modern story-tellers' prompt-books in prose (see also 324)
FB.656 history and critical studies
FB.658 collectanea and anthologies of short stories in the literary language
FB.660 stories in the literary language: before T'ang
FB.661 stories in the literary language: from T'ang to Yüan
FB.663 stories in the literary language: Ming and Ch'ing
FB.665 short stories in colloquial (hua-pen 话本, etc.)
FB.668 Shui-hu chuan 水浒传
FB.669 San kuo yen i 三国演义
FB.670 Hsi-yu chi 西游记
FB.671 Chin P'ing Mei 金瓶梅
FB.674 other Ming novels
FB.675 Ju-lin wai-shih 儒林外史
FB.676 Hung-lou meng 红楼梦
FB.678 other Ch'ing novels before 1875
FB.680 late Ch'ing novels (1875-1919)
Modern literature (after 1919)
FB.681 general studies
FB.683 anthologies
FB.685 Lu Hsün 鲁迅
FB.687 collected literary works of individual writers
FB.690 poetry, essays, memoirs and miscellaneous prose
FB.693 drama
FB.696 fiction
FB.697 poems, addresses, etc. for special occasions and places (but for those concerning individuals see 181-197)
FB.698 jokes, allegories, etc. (see also 324)
FB.699 juvenile literature
FB.701* Bibliography
FB.702 Periodicals
FB.703 Collectanea
FB.705* Reference works
FB.707 General studies and history
FB.709 Particular subjects (ethics, metaphysics, aesthetics etc.)
FB.714 Ancient period: general treatises, histories and collected studies
FB.716 Ancient period: collectanea
FB.721 general studies
FB.724 biography and hagiography
FB.727 Confucian cults, including state cults
FB.729 Confucian ethics, including Sacred Edicts
FB.731* collected Confucian scriptures
FB.734 collected commentaries on Confucian scriptures
FB.737 general treatises, notes and collected studies on Confucian scriptures in general
FB.739 Confucian scriptures engraved on stone (shih ching 石经)
FB.741 I ching 易经
FB.743 Shu ching 书经
FB.745 Shih ching 诗经
FB.747 Confucian scriptures on ritual, general and Chou li 周礼
FB.749 I li 仪礼
FB.751 Li chi 礼记
FB.754 Ch'un-ch'iu 春秋, general and Tso chuan 左传
FB.756 Kung-yang chuan 公羊传
FB.757 Ku-liang chuan 谷梁传
FB.759 Hsiao ching 孝经
FB.761 Ssu shu 四书, general, Chung-yung 中庸, Ta hsüeh 大学
FB.763 Lun yü 论语
FB.765 Meng-tzu 孟子
FB.767 Ta Tai Li chi 大戴礼记
FB.769 K'ung-tzu chia-yü 孔子家语
FB.770 Tseng-tzu 曾子, Tzu-ssu-tzu 子思子
FB.772 Hsün-tzu 荀子
FB.774 other Chou Confucian philosophers
FB.781 general studies
FB.784 collectanea
FB.791 Lao-tzu 老子
FB.793 Lieh-tzu 列子
FB.795 Chuang-tzu 庄子
FB.797 other Chou Taoists
FB.801 Mohists
FB.804 general studies
FB.805 Kuan-tzu 管子
FB.806 Han Fei-tzu 韩非子
FB.807 other legalists (Shang-chün shu 商君书, Shen-tzu 慎子, Shen-tzu 申子)
FB.808 Minor Chou philosophers (Teng-hsi-tzu 邓析子, Yen-tzu ch'un-ch'iu 晏子春秋, Kuei-ku-tzu 鬼谷子, Kung-sun Lung-tzu 公孙龙子, etc.)
Ch'in and Han
FB.811 general studies
FB.814 I lin 易林 and other works related to I ching 易经
FB.815 Shang-shu ta-chuan 尚书大传 and other works related to Shu ching 书经
FB.816 Han-shih wai-chuan 韩诗外传
FB.818 other works related to the Confucian scriptures, including apocrypha (wei shu 纬书)
FB.821 Tung Chung-shu 董仲舒 and other Confucian philosophers of the Former Han
FB.823 Liu Hsiang 刘向 and Yang Hsiung 扬雄
FB.825 Po-hu t'ung 白虎通
FB.827 other Later Han Confucian philosophers
FB.831 Lü-shih ch'un-ch'iu 吕氏春秋
FB.833 Huai-nan-tzu 淮南子
FB.835 Wang Ch'ung 王充
FB.836 other religions and trends of thought
Three Kingdoms, Chin, Northern & Southern Dynasties (220-589)
FB.841 general studies
FB.843 Confucianism
FB.846 Taoism, including ch'ing-t'an 清谈, hsüan-hsüeh 玄学
Sui, T'ang and Five Dynasties (589-960)
FB.851 general studies
FB.853 Confucianism
FB.856 other religions and trends of thought
Sung and Yüan
FB.861 general studies
FB.863 Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism (general)
FB.865 Neo-Confucians other than Chu Hsi
FB.867 Chu Hsi 朱熹
FB.869 other religions and trends of thought
Ming and Ch'ing
FB.871 general studies
FB.873 Confucianism (Yang-ming hsüeh 阳明学)
FB.879 other religions and trends of thought (but for T'ai-p'ing 太平 see 896)
FB.881 Islam
FB.884 Zoroastrianism, Nestorianism, etc.
Christianity (other than Nestorianism)
FB.885 before 1800
FB.886 after 1800
FB.888 Bibles and prayerbooks
Modern period
FB.891 modern philosophy
FB.896 modern religious movements, including T'ai-p'ing 太平
FC.898 Buddhism (for other works on Chinese Buddhism see FA.850-885)
FB.901* Bibliography
FB.902 Periodicals
FB.903 Collectanea
FB.905* Reference works
FB.907 General studies, histories, monographs, catalogues, etc.
FB.908 Special areas
FB.909 Special periods
FB.911 Painting and calligraphy: traditional style writings
FB.913 Painting and calligraphy: modern writings
FB.915 Engraving
FB.917 Ceramics
FB.921 Sculpture and painted reliefs on stone and bricks
FB.923 Architecture, including gardens
FB.926 Stationery
FB.928 Sigillography
FB.929 Minor arts (including decoration, furniture, lacquer, paper cuts, costume)
FB.931 Music
FB.936 Dance
FB.938 Drama, story-telling and other entertainments
FB.941 Cinema, including television and photography
FB.945 Games
FB.948 Physical training and sports; ch'i kung 气功, yang sheng 养生
FB.951* Bibliography
FB.952 Periodicals
FB.953 Collectanea
FB.955* Reference works
FB.957 General treatises and collected studies
FB.961 Mathematics
FB.963 Astronomy; meteorology
FB.965 Physics
FB.967 Chemistry, including alchemy
FB.969 Geology, seismology
FB.971 Biology
FB.975 Medicine
FB.978 Materia medica, pharmacy
FB.981 Agriculture
FB.985 Domestic science, including cooking
FB.987 Handicrafts, including sericulture
FB.991 Industrial technology
FB.993 Mining and metallurgy
FB.995 Engineering
FB.997 Military science