Studies in Chinese Communist Terminology

Berkeley : Center for Chinese Studies, University of California, 1956-83

1 General trends of Chinese linguistic changes under Communist rule Li Chi 1956 FB.403:29.2(1)
2 Preliminary study of selected terms Li Chi 1956 FB.403:29.2(2)
3 Literary and colloquial terms in new usage Li Chi 1957 FB.403:29.3(1)
4 The communist term "the common language" and related terms Li Chi 1957 FB.403:29.3(2)
5 The use of figurative language in Communist China Li Chi 1958 FB.403:29.3(3)
6 A provisional system of grammar for teaching Chinese Li Chi 1960 FB.403:29.4(1)
7 Metaphor, myth, ritual and the people's commune T.A. Hsia 1961 FB.403:29.4(2)
8 Survey of Chinese language reform and the anti-illiteracy movement P. Serruys 1962 FB.403:29.5(1)
9 New features in Chinese grammatical usage Li Chi 1962 FB.403:29.5(2)
10 A terminological study of the hsia-fang movement T.A. Hsia 1963 FB.403:29.5(3)
11 The commune in retreat as evidenced in terminology and semantics T.A. Hsia 1964 FB.403:29.6(1)
12 The great proletarian cultural revolution : a terminological study H.C. Chuang 1967 FB.403:29.6(2)
13 The little red book and current Chinese language H.C. Chuang 1968 FB.403:29.6(3)
14 Evening chats at Yenshan ; or The case of Teng T'o H.C. Chuang 1970 FB.403:29.7(1)
15 Yang-pan hsi : new theater in China Hua-yuan Li Mowry 1973 FB.403:29.7(2)
16 Elementary Chinese companion J.C. Jamieson & Li-lin Shih 1974 FB.403:29.8
17 Handbook of Chinese for mathematicians A.S. Silverman 1977 FB.403:29.9
18 Marxist literary thought and China : a conceptual framework P. Pickowicz 1980 FB.403:29.10(1)
19 Ethics and rhetoric of the Chinese Cultural Revolution L. Dittmer & Jo-hsi Ch'en 1981 FB.403:29.10(2)
20 Democracy wall and the unofficial journals Chen Ruoxi 1982 FB.403:29.11(1)
21 Feng Youlan, Jiang Qing, and the "Twenty-five poems on history" R. McLeod 1983 FB.403:29.11(2)