The Chinese Classics

with a translation, critical and exegetical notes, prolegomena and copious indexes
by James Legge
Hongkong, 1861-72; Oxford, 1893

1 Confucian Analects 论语 1861 CRB.86.25(1)
Great Learning 大学 CRB.86.25(2)
Doctrine of the Mean 中庸 CRB.86.25(3)
1 Confucian Analects 论语 1893 FB.761.31(1)
Great Learning 大学 FB.761.31(2)
Doctrine of the Mean 中庸 FB.761.31(3)
2 Mencius 孟子 1861 CRB.86.26
2 Mencius 1893 FB.761.32
3i Shoo-king (part 1) 书经 1865 CRB.86.27
3ii Shoo-king (part 2) CRB.86.28
4i She-king (part 1) 诗经 1871 CRB.86.29
4ii She-king (part 2) CRB.86.30
5i Ch'un Ts'ew, with the Tso chuen (part 1) 春秋左传 1872 CRB.86.31
5ii Ch'un Ts'ew, with the Tso chuen (part 2) CRB.86.32
The Sacred Books of China
The texts of Confucianism
1 Shu King 书经 1879 CRC.87.62(1)
Religious portion of the Shih King 诗经 CRC.87.62(2)
Hsiao King 孝经 CRC.87.62(3)
2 Yi King 易经 1882 CRC.87.63
3 Li Ki (part 1) 礼记 1885 CRC.87.64
4 Li Ki (part 2) CRC.87.65
The texts of Taoism
5i Tao Teh King 道德经 1891 CRC.89.12(1)
Kwang-tze (part 1) 庄子 CRC.89.12(2)
5ii Kwang-tze (part 2) CRC.89.13(1)
T'ai Shang tractate 太上感应篇 CRC.89.13(2)