How to find Chinese books
in the Newton Library Catalogue

The Newton Library Catalogue contains records for all Chinese books and periodicals in the Library; however for the contents of most cong shu it is still necessary to consult the List of Cong shu in Cambridge Libraries or the card catalogue. Three kinds of records are currently available:

(1) Records in romanisation only (22%), e.g.: Xu Zhi-mo quan ji (1964).
(These records contain author name(s) (usually family name only), title, place of publication and date.)

(2) Romanised records with links to full Chinese script records (45%), e.g.: Xu Zhi-mo shi quan ji (1992).
(The linked records contain Chinese subject headings which can be searched in the UK Union Catalogue of Chinese Books.)

(3) Records containing Chinese script (32%), e.g.: Xu Zhi-mo de shi qing yu shi yi (2001).

As searches using Chinese script will only find type (3) records, it is recommended to search using romanisation. The pinyin system is used; syllables are not aggregated, except for polysyllabic elements in Chinese author names and place names (e.g.: Mao Zedong, Sima Qian, Beijing, Shijiazhuang), unless these occur in titles, when they are hyphenated. Hyphens and capitalisation may be ignored when searching. For example, ۻ¼may be found by entering
Xu Jia-tun Xiang-gang hui yi lu, Xu Jia tun Xiang gang hui yi lu OR xu jia tun xiang gang hui yi lu BUT NOT Xu Jiatun Xianggang hui yi lu, etc.

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