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Abeel, David (1804-1846)
—Journal of a residence in China (New York, 1836) [CRD.83.16]
Acheson, James
—Index to Dr Williams' Syllabic Dictionary (Hong Kong, 1879) [CRB.87.37]
Adam, Lucien (1833-1918)
—Grammaire de la langue mandchou (Paris, 1873) [CRD.87.14]
Alabaster, Sir Chaloner (1838-1898)
—Occasional papers on Chinese philosophy (Amoy & Shanghai, 1879-) [CRC.87.82]
Alexander, George Gardiner
—Confucius the great teacher (London, 1890) [CRD.89.3]
Alexander, Joseph Gundry (1848-1918)
—India's opium revenue (London, 1890) [CRC.89.109]
—Interviews with Chinese statesmen (London, 1894) [CRC.89.111]
—Substitutes for the opium revenue (London, 1890) [CRC.89.110]
Alford, Charles Richard
—A charge delivered in the Cathedral Church of St John (Hong Kong, 1869) [CRC.86.110]
Allen, Clement Francis Romilly (1844-1920)
—The book of Chinese poetry (London, 1891) [CRC.89.14]
Amiot, Jean Joseph Marie (1718-1793)
—Grammaire tartare mantchou (Paris, 1787) [CRB.78.1]
—Hymne tartare mantchou (Paris, 1792) [CRB.79.1]
Anderson, John (1833-1900)
—Mandalay to Momien (London, 1876) [CRC.87.34-35]
Andreozzi, Alfonso (1821-1894)
—Le leggi penali delgli antichi Cinesi (Firenze, 1878) [CRC.87.50]
Andrew, Stephen Pearl (1812-1886)
—Discoveries in Chinese (New York, 1854) [CRD.85.16(1)]
D'Anville, Jean-Baptiste Bourgignon (1697-1782)
—Mémoire sur la Chine (Paris, 1776) [CRD.85.15(3)]
D'Arcy, Guillard
—Hao-Khieou-Tchouan (Paris, 1842) [CRC.84.7]
Arendt, Karl (1838-1902)
—Posteinrichtungen der Chinesen (Berlin, 1878) [CRB.87.27]
Arrowsmith, John
—Map of Central Asia (London, 1876) [CRD.87.30]
—Sketch map of the acquisitions of Russia (London, 1884) [CRD.88.18]
Aston, William George (1841-1911)
—Short grammar of the Japanese spoken language (Nagasaki, 1869) [CRD.70.3(6)]
Atkinson, B.
—The triumph of truth (Melbourne, 1857) [CRD.85.7(4)]
Auber, Peter
—China : an outline of its government, laws and policy (London, 1834) [CRC.83.7]

Baber, Edward Colborne (1843-1890)
—Nine Formosan manuscripts (-, 1884?) [CRC.88.79]
—Travels and researches in Western China (London, 1882) [CRC.88.11]
Baille, Frédéric
—Souvenirs d'Annam (Paris, 1890) [CRD.89.6]
Ball, Charles James
—First three of the five autocrats (Wu Ti) (London, 1890?) [CRC.89.73]
—Ideograms common to Accadian and Chinese (London, 1890?) [CRC.89.106]
Ballhorn, Friedrich
—Alphabete orientalischer und occidentalischer Sprachen (Leipzig, 1864) [CRB.86.5]
Bannister, Saxe
—Journal of the first French embassy to China (London, 1859) [CRD.85.26]
Barone, Giuseppe
—Ja-z Pam : Le baton du muet (Louvain, 1882) [CRC.88.95]
Barrow, Sir John (1764-1848)
—Travels in China (London, 1806) [CRB.80.3]
—Voyage to Cochinchina (London, 1806) [CRB.80.4]
Bayer, Theophilus Gottlieb Siegfried (1694-1738)
—Museum Sinicum (Petropoli, 1730) [CRD.73.1-2]
Baynes, Herbert
—Die Indo-chinesische Philologie (-, 1868?) [CRC.86.104]
Bazin, Antoine Pierre Louis (1799-1862)
—Grammaire mandarine (Paris, 1856) [CRC.85.22]
—Le Pi-Pa-Ki (Paris, 1841) [CRD.84.2]
—Théatre chinois (Paris, 1838) [CRC.83.14]
Beal, Samuel (1825-1889)
—A Catena of Buddhist scriptures (London, 1871) [CRC.87.9]
—Travels of Fah-Hian and Sung-Yun (London, 1869) [CRD.86.37]
Beauvoir, Marquis Ludovic de (1846-1929)
—Pekin Jeddo and San Francisco (London, 1872) [CRD.87.11]
Bichurin, Nikita Yakovlevich (Archimandrite Yakinf) (1777-1853)
—Description du Tibet (Paris, 1831) [CRD.83.2(1)]
—San'-Tszy-tszin (St Petersburg, 1829) [CRB.82.7]
Biernatzki, Karl Leonhard (1815-1899)
—Die Arithmetik der Chinesen (Berlin, 1855) [CRB.82.6(16)]
Biot, Édouard Constant (1803-1850)
—Essai sur l'histoire de l'instruction publique en Chine (Paris, 1847) [CRC.84.31]
—Le Tcheou-li (Paris, 1851) [CRC.85.5-6]
Biot, Jean-Baptiste (1774-1862)
—Memoirs of John Napier of Merchiston (Paris, 1835) [CRB.82.6(15)]
—Recherches sur l'ancienne astronomie chinoise (Paris, 1840) [CRB.84.1(1)]
—Recherches sur les Nacshatras (Paris, 1845) [CRB.84.1(2)]
Blakiston, Thomas Wright (1832-1891)
—Five months on the Yang Tsze (London, 1862) [CRC.86.21]
Bland, John Otway Percy (1863-1945)
—British policy in China (Shanghai, 1898) [CRC.89.98]
Bonham, Sir Samuel George (1803-1863)
—Trip of HBM's plenipotentiary (Shanghae, 1853) [CRC.83.17(4)]
Bonvalot, Gabriel
—De Paris au Tonkin à travers le Tibet (Paris, 1892) [CRB.89.11]
Boone, William Jones (1811-1864)
—An essay on the proper rendering of the words Elohim and Theos (Canton, 1848) [CRD.84.12(4)]
—Defense of an essay on the proper rendering (Canton, 1850) [CRD.85.1(5)]
Bosch, Achille Julien du
—La Chine contemporaine (Paris, 1860) [CRD.86.7-8]
Boulger, Demetrius Charles de Kavanagh (1853-1928)
—A short history of China (London, 1893) [CRC.89.34]
—England and Russia in Central Asia (London, 1879) [CRC.87.58-59]
—History of China (London, 1881-) [CRC.88.7-9]
—The life of Yakoob Beg (London, 1878) [CRC.87.51]
Bourne, Frederick Samuel Augustus (1854-1940)
—Report of a journey in South Western China (London, 1888) [CRA.88.5]
Brandt, Maximilian August Scipio von (1835-1920)
—Aus dem Lande des Zopfes (Leipzig, 1894) [CRD.89.25]
—Memorandum on the inland taxation on foreign goods (Peking?, 1878?) [CRC.87.79]
Brenan, Byron (1847-1927)
—Report on the state of trade at the treaty ports (Shanghai, 1897) [CRB.89.53(2)]
Brereton, William H.
—The truth about opium (London, 1882) [CRC.88.12]
Bretschneider, Emile Vasil'ievich (1833-1901)
—Archaeological and historical researches (Shanghai, 1876) [CRB.87.45]
—Botanicon Sinicum (London, 1882) [CRC.88.13]
—Mediaeval researches (London, 1888) [CRC.88.44-45]
—Notices of the mediaeval geography and history of central and western Asia (London, 1876) [CRD.87.28]
—Recherches sur Pékin (Paris, 1879) [CRB.87.34]
Bridgman, Elijah Coleman (1801-1861)
—Brief memoir of the Chinese evangelist Leang Afa (London, -) [CRD.85.15(5)]
—Chinese chrestomathy (Macao, 1841) [CRB.84.2]
Brosset, Marie-Félicité (1802-1880)
—Relation du pays de Ta Ouan (Paris, 1829) [CRD.80.1(7)]
Broullion, Nicolas
—Missions de Chine (Paris, 1855) [CRC.85.18]
Brown, John McLeavy (1842-1926)
—Tables in Chinese and English (-, 1879) [CRB.87.33]
Buissonnet, Eugène (d. 1902)
—De Pékin à Shanghaï (Paris, 1871) [CRD.87.9]
Burns, Islay
—Memoir of the Rev. Wm. C. Burns (London, 1870) [CRD.87.3]
Bushell, Stephen Wooton (1844-1908)
—Chinese art (London, 1905-) [CRC.90.45-46]
—Chinese porcelain (Peking, 1886) [CRC.88.83]
—Early history of Tibet (London?, 1880) [CRC.88.63]
—Notes of a journey outside Great Wall of China (London, 1874) [CRC.87.69]
—Specimens of ancient Chinese paper money (Peking, 1889) [CRC.88.104]
Busk, George
—On an ancient Calvaria from China (-, 1869) [CRD.85.7(19)]

Callery, Joseph Gaétan Pierre Marie (1810-1862)
—Li Ki ou mémorial des rites (Turin, 1853) [CRB.85.2]
Campbell, William (1841-1921)
—An account of missionary success in the island of Formosa (London, 1889) [CRD.88.28-29]
Carlieri, Jacopo
—Notizie varie dell'imperio della China (Firenze, 1697) [CRE.69.1]
Carné, Compte Louis Joseph Marie de (1804-1876)
—Travels in Indo China and the Chinese Empire (London, -) [CRC.87.15]
—Voyage en Indo-Chine (Paris, 1872) [CRD.87.12]
Carteron, Ambrose Marie Robert (1855-1898)
—Souvenirs de la campagne du Tonkin (Paris, 1891) [CRC.89.19]
Castro Sampaio, Manuel de
—Os Chins de Macau (Hong Kong, 1867) [CRD.86.28]
Ch'iu Ch'ang Ch'un
—A mission to Heaven (Shanghai, 1913) [CRD.91.35]
Chailley-Bert, Joseph
—La colonisation de l'Indo-Chine (Paris, 1892) [CRD.89.15]
Chalmers, John (1825-1899)
—English and Cantonese pocket dictionary (Hong Kong, 1873) [CRD.87.15]
—The origins of the Chinese (London, 1868) [CRD.86.31]
—The speculations on metaphysics, polity and morality (London, 1868) [CRD.86.32]
Chamberlain, Basil Hall (1850-1935)
—Handbook for travellers in Japan (London, 1891) [CRD.89.10]
—Things Japanese (London, 1891) [CRC.89.21]
Chavanne, Josef (1846-1902)
—Central-Asien (Wien, 1878) [CRD.88.4]
Clarke, Hyde
—Asia on Pacific and the Behring Sea (-, 1890?) [CRC.89.75]
Collins, Richard
—Buddhism and the Light of Asia (London, 1893?) [CRC.89.108]
Colquhoun, Archibald Ross (1845-1914)
—The truth about Tonquin (London, 1884) [CRE.88.1]
Conder, Claude Reignier (1848-1910)
—On the comparison of Asiatic languages (London, 1891?) [CRC.89.76]
Cooke, George Wingrove (1814-1865)
—China and Lower Bengal (London, 1859) [CRD.85.27]
Cooper, Thomas Thornville (1839-1878)
—The Mishmee hills (London, 1873) [CRD.87.13]
Copleston, Reginald Stephen (1845-1925)
—Buddhism primitive and present in Magadha and Ceylon (London, 1892) [CRC.89.31]
Cordier, Henri (1849-1925)
—Half a decade of Chinese studies (Leyden, 1892) [CRC.89.81]
—La grammaire chinoise du Père Francisco Varo (Paris, 1887) [CRC.88.109]
—Le Colonel Sir Henry Yule (Paris, 1890) [CRC.89.107]
—Le conflit entre la France et la Chine (Paris, 1883) [CRC.88.77]
—Life and labours of Alexander Wylie (-, 1887?) [CRC.88.85]
—Narrative of recent events in Tong King (Shanghai, 1875) [CRC.87.91]
Cortambert, Eugène
—Tableau de la Cochinchine (Paris, 1862) [CRC.86.19]
Crawford, J. Dundas
—Notes on Chinese immigration in Australian Colonies (Shanghai?, 1877?) [CRB.87.46]
Creagh, Edward Fitzgerald
—Journey overland from Amoy to Hankow (London, 1881) [CRC.88.71]
Culbertson, Michael Simpson (1819-1862)
—Darkness in the flowery world (New York, 1857) [CRD.85.23]
Culin, Stewart (1858-1929)
—China in America (Philadelphia, 1887) [CRB.88.39(1)]
Cunningham, Sir Alexander (1814-1893)
—Ladák : physical statistical etc. (London, 1854) [CRB.85.3]
Cunynghame, Sir Arthur Augustus Thirlow (1812-1884)
—An aide-de-camp's recollections of service in China (London, 1844) [CRD.84.9-10]
Curzon, George Nathaniel (Marquess Curzon of Kedleston) (1859-1925)
—Problems of the Far East (London, 1894) [CRC.89.44]
—Russia in Central Asia in 1889 (London, 1889) [CRC.88.59]

Davis, Sir John Francis (1795-1890)
—China during the war and since the peace (London, 1852) [CRD.85.8-9]
—Chinese miscellanies (London, 1865) [CRD.86.23]
—Extracts from Peking Gazettes (-, 1827) [CRB.82.6(3)]
—Geographical notice of the frontiers of the Burmese (-, 1827) [CRB.82.6(4)]
—Notices of Western Tartary (-, 1828) [CRB.82.6(5)]
—On the poetry of the Chinese (-, 1829) [CRB.82.6(1)]
—Poeseos Sinicae Commentarii (London, 1870) [CRB.87.3]
—The Chinese : general descriptions of China etc. (London, 1840) [CRD.84.1]
—The Fortunate Union : A romance (London, 1829) [CRC.82.12]
Delpit, Albert (1849-1893)
—Disparu (Paris, 1889) [CRD.88.30]
Dennys, Nicholas Belfield (d. 1900)
—Report on the newly-opened ports of K'iung-chow (Hong Kong, 1876) [CRC.87.93]
—Treaty ports of China and Japan (London, 1867) [CRC.86.86]
Deschamps, Léon
—Histoire de la question coloniale en France (Paris, 1891) [CRC.89.20]
Devéria, Jean Gabriel (1844-1899)
—Histoire des relations de la Chine (Paris, 1880) [CRB.88.2]
Dickson, Walter G.
—Japan : sketch of history, government etc. (Edinburgh, 1869) [CRC.86.95]
Donner, Otto (1835-1909)
—Wörterverzeichniss zu den Inscriptions de l'Iénissï (Helsingissa, 1892) [CRB.89.7]
Doolittle, Justus (1824-1880)
—Social life of the Chinese (New York, 1865) [CRD.86.21-22]
—Vocabulary and handbook of the Chinese language (Foochow, 1872) [CRB.87.35-36]
Doty, Elihu (1809-1864)
—Anglo Chinese manual (Canton, 1853) [CRD.85.14]
Douglas, Carstairs (1830-1877)
—Chinese English Dictionary (London, 1873) [CRB.87.10]
Douglas, Sir Robert Kennaway (1838-1913)
—Catalogue of Chinese printed books (London, 1877) [CRA.87.14]
—China and the language of China (London, 1890?) [CRC.89.69]
—A Chinese manual (London, 1889) [CRD.88.33]
—The life of Jenghiz Khan (London, 1877) [CRD.87.33]
Dudgeon, John Hepburn (1837-1901)
—Historical sketch of ecclesiastical etc. relations of Russia with China (Peking, 1872) [CRC.87.87]
—The diseases of China (Glasgow, 1877) [CRC.87.76]
Dumoutier, Gustave
—Légendes historiques de l'Annam et du Tonkin (Hanoi, 1887) [CRC.88.31]
Dunlop, William B.
—Key of Western China (London, 1889) [CRC.88.103]
—The march of the Mongol (London, 1889?) [CRC.88.105]
—The pioneer railway of China (-, 1888?) [CRD.88.44]
Dutreuil de Rhins, Jules-Léon (1846-1894)
—L'Asie Centrale (Paris, 1889) [CRB.88.27]
Dyer, Frederick William
—The Lingualumina or language of light (London, 1889) [CRC.88.93]

Edkins, Joseph (1823-1905)
—China's place in philology (London, 1871) [CRD.87.8]
—Diphthongs in Chinese language (London, 1872) [CRC.87.86]
—Grammar of the Chinese colloquial language (Shanghai, 1864) [CRC.86.31]
—Introduction to the study of the Chinese characters (London, 1876) [CRB.87.38]
—Religion in China (London, 1878) [CRC.87.54]
—The Mian Tsi (Foochow, 1868?) [CRC.86.103]
—The religious condition of the Chinese (London, 1859) [CRD.85.29]
—Chinese scenes and people (London, 1863) [CRD.86.14]
Eitel, Ernest John (Ernst Johann) (1838-1908)
—Feng-shui (London, 1873) [CRB.87.43]
—Handbook for the student of Chinese Buddhism (London, 1870) [CRC.87.4]
—Handbook of Chinese Buddhism (London, 1888) [CRC.88.48]
Ellis, Robert Leslie (1817-1859)
—Some thoughts on the formation of a Chinese dictionary (Cambridge, 1854?) [CRC.85.38]
Endlicher, Stephan Ladislaus (1804-1849)
—Anfangsgründe der chinesischen Grammatik (Wien, 1845) [CRC.84.21]
Erman, Adolf
—Travels in Siberia (Philadelphia, 1850) [CRD.85.3-4]
D'Escayrac de Lauture, Comte Pierre Henri Stanislas (1822-1868)
—On the telegraphic transmission of the Chinese characters (Paris, 1862) [CRB.87.1(2)]
—Mémoires sur la Chine (Paris, 1865) [CRB.86.10]
Ewald, Georg Heinrich August (1803-1875)
—Sprachwissenschaftliche Abhandlungen (Göttingen, 1862) [CRB.82.3(5)]

Faber, Ernst (1839-1899)
—Eine Staatslehre auf ethischer Grundlage (Elberfeld, 1877) [CRC.87.46]
—Lehrbegriff des Confucius (Hong Kong, 1872) [CRD.87.10]
—Systematical digest of the doctrines of Confucius (Hong Kong, 1875) [CRC.87.28]
—The mind of Mencius (London, 1882) [CRC.88.14]
Faque, Léon
—L'Indo-Chine française (Paris, -) [CRE.88.2]
Fergusson, Thomas
—Chinese researches (Shanghai, 1878) [CRD.88.8]
Ferrari, Giuseppe
—La Chine et l'Europe (Paris, 1869) [CRD.86.38]
Ferry, Jules
—Le Tonkin et la mère-patrie (Paris, 1890) [CRD.89.5]
Finn, James (d. 1872)
—The Jews in China (London, 1843) [CRD.84.8]
Forsyth, Sir Thomas Douglas (1827-1886)
—Progress of trade with Central Asia (London, 1877) [CRC.87.75]
Fortune, Robert (1812-1880)
—Journey to the tea countries of China (London, 1852) [CRC.85.11]
Foster, Arnold (1846-1919)
—Elementary lessons in Chinese (London, 1887) [CRC.88.36]
Franck, Adolphe (1809-1893)
—Études orientales (Paris, 1861) [CRC.86.15]
Franks, Sir Augustus Wollaston (1826-1897)
—Catalogue of a collection of oriental porcelain (London, 1876) [CRB.87.21]
—Catalogue of a collection of oriental porcelain (London, 1878) [CRC.87.55]
Fritsche, Hermann Peter Heinrich (1839-1913)
—On chronology and the construction of the calendar (St Petersburg, 1886) [CRC.88.26]

Gabelentz, Hans Albert von der (1832-1892)
—Geschichte der grossen Liao (St Petersburg, 1877) [CRC.87.45]
Gabelentz, Hans Conon von der (1807-1874)
—Élémens de la grammaire mandchoue (Altenbourg, 1832) [CRC.83.4]
—Sse schu Schu king Schi king (Leipzig, 1864) [CRC.86.36-37]
—Sse schu Schu king Schi king (Leipzig, 1864) [CRC.86.38]
Gardner, Christopher Thomas (1842-1914)
—On the Chinese race (London, 1870) [CRD.85.7(18)]
Garnier, Marie Joseph François (1839-1873)
—Voyage dans la Chine Centrale 1873 (Paris, 1874) [CRC.87.90]
—Voyage d'exploration en Indochine (Paris, 1873) [CRA.87.8-9]
Geiger, Wilhelm
—Die Pamir-Gebiete (Wien, 1887) [CRB.88.20]
Gibson, John Campbell (1849-1910)
—The number of readers in China and work among women (Glasgow, 1887) [CRD.88.42]
Giles, Herbert Allen (1845-1935)
—Catalogue of the Wade Collection (Cambridge, 1898) [CRB.89.47]
—Chuang Tzu (London, 1889) [CRC.88.60]
—Gems of Chinese literature (London, 1884) [CRD.88.15]
—A glossary of reference (Shanghai, 1878) [CRC.87.81]
—Historic China and other sketches (London, 1882) [CRD.88.11]
—On some translations and mistranslations (Amoy, 1879) [CRC.87.83]
—Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms (London, 1878?) [CRD.87.31]
—Strange stories from a Chinese studio (London, 1878) [CRD.88.2-3]
—Supplementary catalogue of the Wade Collection (Cambridge, 1915) [CRB.89.48]
—Synoptical studies in Chinese character (Shanghai, 1874) [CRC.87.27]
Gingell, William Raymond (d. 1863)
—Forms of ceremonial, etc. on the death of the Dowager Queen (London, 1852?) [CRD.85.33]
Gioi, Mat
—Le Tonkin actuel 1887-90 (Paris, 1891) [CRD.89.13]
Giquel, Prosper Marie (1835-1886)
—La politique française en Chine (Paris, 1872) [CRB.87.42]
Girard, Olivier
—France et Chine (Paris, 1869) [CRC.86.94]
Gobineau, Comte Joseph Arthur de (1816-1882)
—Les religions et les philosophies dans l'Asie Centrale (Paris, 1866) [CRD.86.41]
Goeje, Michael Jan de (1836-1909)
—Das alte Bett des Oxus Amû-Darja (Leiden, 1875) [CRD.87.22]
—De muur van Gog en Magog (Amsterdam, 1888) [CRC.88.90]
Gonçalves, Joaquim Affonso (1780-1844)
—Diccionario China-Portuguez (Macao, 1833) [CRD.83.3]
—Diccionario Portuguez-China (Macao, 1831) [CRD.83.4]
—Lexicon magnum latino-sinicum (Macai, 1841) [CRA.84.2]
—Lexicon manuale latino-sinicum (Pekini, 1878) [CRD.87.34]
Gordon, Sir Charles Alexander (1820-1899)
—Items of Chinese ethics and philosophy (London, 1891?) [CRC.89.77]
—Notes on ethnology and ancient chronology of China (London, 1889?) [CRC.88.108]
Gordon, Henry William
—Events in the life of Charles George Gordon (London, 1886) [CRC.88.25]
Gray, John Henry
—China (London, 1878) [CRC.87.52-53]
Gros, Baron Jean-Baptiste Louis (1793-1870)
—Négociations entre la France et la Chine (Paris, 1864) [CRB.86.6]
Grosier, Jean-Baptiste Gabriel Alexandre (1743-1823)
—A general description of China (London, 1788) [CRD.78.1-2]
Grube, Wilhelm (1855-1908)
—Sprachgeschichtliche Stellung des Chinesischen (Leipzig, 1881) [CRC.88.99]
Guéluy, A.
—A propos d'une préface (Louvain, 1894) [CRC.89.90]
Guignes, Chrétien Louis Joseph de (1759-1845)
—Dictionarium Sinico-Latinum (Hong Kong, 1853) [CRB.85.1]
Gumpach, Johannes von (d. 1875)
—Returns of trade at treaty ports in China (Shanghai, 1875) [CRC.87.92]
—The Burlingame mission (London, 1872) [CRB.87.7]
—Treaty rights of the foreign merchant (Shanghai, 1875) [CRC.87.31]
Gundry, Richard Simpson (1838-1924)
—China and her neighbours (London, 1893) [CRC.89.36]
—The treaty ports of China (London, 1893?) [CRC.89.88]

H[amelin]., A.M.
—Dictionnaire alphabétique chinois-français (Paris, 1877) [CRC.87.43-44]
H[enderson]., J[ames].
—Notes during a ramble through Chihli in March 1874 (Tientsin, 1874) [CRA.87.1]
Hager, Joseph
—An Explanation of the Elementary Characters (London, 1801) [CRA.80.1]
Hamberg, Theodore (1819-1854)
—The visions of Hung Siu Tshuen (Hong Kong, 1854) [CRC.83.17(5)]
Hamilton, James
—China and the Chinese Mission (London, 1847) [CRD.85.15(7)]
Hanbury, Daniel
—Notes on Chinese Materia Medica (London, 1862) [CRC.86.17]
Happer, Andrew Patton (1818-1894)
—A visit to Peking (Shanghai, 1879) [CRB.87.50]
—An essay on the proper rendering of the words Elohim and Theos (Shanghai, 1877) [CRB.87.47]
Harlez, Charles Joseph de (1832-1899)
—Croyances religieuses des premiers Chinois (Brussels, 1888) [CRC.88.87]
—Histoire de l'Empire de Kin (Louvain, 1887) [CRC.88.32]
—I Li : Cérémonial de la Chine antique (Paris, 1890) [CRC.89.1]
—Les religions de la Chine (Leipzig, 1891) [CRC.89.9]
—Manuel de la langue mandchoue (Paris, 1884) [CRC.88.20]
—Religion nationale des Tartares orientaux (Bruxelles, 1887) [CRC.88.35]
Hay, John Ogilvy
—Map of Burmah (London, 1875) [CRD.87.23]
Henderson, Edward
—Report on prostitution in Shanghai (Shanghai, 1871) [CRB.87.39]
d'Hérisson, Comte (Maurice d'Irisson) (1839-1898)
—Études sur la Chine (Paris, 1866) [CRC.86.80]
—Journal d'un interprète en Chine (Paris, 1886) [CRD.88.22]
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—Reprint of letters regarding the Tientsin massacre (Shanghai, 1870-) [CRC.87.84]
—A retrospect of political and commercial affairs (Shanghai, 1873) [CRC.87.21]
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