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University Library welcomes visit from Commonwealth Essay Competition winners

21 November, 2014

winnersThe top winners and runners-up of the 2014 Commonwealth Essay Competition paid Cambridge University Library a special visit on Thursday 20 November during their week-long visit to the United Kingdom, which included a series of cultural and educational activities and an award ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

The young writers, Raniya Hosain (Senior Winner from Pakistan), Max de Bourcier (Junior Winner from Jersey), Selina Xu (Senior Runner-Up from Singapore) and Leah Annia Plante-Wiener (Junior Runner-Up from Canada), along with their parents, met with the University Library’s Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) Librarian, Rachel Rowe, and Archivist, John Cardwell, for a special tour of the RCS Collection.

As well as a tour of the Library, which included an exclusive visit up the impressive tower for panoramic views of Cambridge, our visitors were shown a number of treasures from the RCS Collections. Items from the visitors’ home countries and other Commonwealth countries were shown, including spectacular decorative art-work from Lahore Fort, albums of rare historic photographs and panoramas of Singapore, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and Canada, and a fascinating array of artefacts, including glass spearheads from the Australian Outback, a beautiful leather satchel containing a 'travelling Qur'an', a warri-board from West Africa and a volume of drawings and fabric swatches of the furnishings of HMS Renown from Queen Mary's Indian collection.

Of the visit, Rachel said: "It was a pleasure to welcome another group of essay competition winners and their parents to the Royal Commonwealth Society collections.  I hope the collections will inspire their writing and future studies.

An archive of entries for the Commonwealth Essay Competition is available by clicking here.

Other News

Private Lives of Print: exhibition to celebrate early printed books

23 October, 2014

A unique copy of the Gutenberg Bible – Europe’s first printed book using moveable type – is to go on display in a spectacular exhibition charting how books were simultaneously cherished and embellished, mistreated and even vandalised in the first century of the printed age.


Cambridge Festival of Ideas now on!

20 October, 2014

Cambridge University Library is once again taking part in the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, which offers a series of engaging and thought-provoking events that celebrate the arts, humanities and social sciences.


Uncovering the text of the New Testament

12 September, 2014

A £1.1m campaign by Cambridge University Library to secure one of the most important New Testament manuscripts – the seventh-century Codex Zacynthius – has been a success.


Shortlist revealed for Library landscape design competition

12 September, 2014

The University Library and the Department of Architecture have revealed the shortlist for a design competition to attract bold re-imaginings of the open spaces and environment of the iconic Giles Gilbert Scott building.


Sassoon's War Journals Released Online

31 July, 2014

Siegfried Sassoon’s First World War diaries – some bearing traces of mud from the Somme – are among 4,100 pages from his personal archive being made freely available online from today, almost 100 years since Britain declared war on Germany.


80-year old photograph albums throw light on the building of the iconic University Library

29 July, 2014

Photographic albums uncovered at the University Library (UL) offer a unique view of the huge removal job which 80 years ago this week saw one million items successfully moved to their new home.


Heavens above

28 May, 2014

A 600-year-old astronomical document is now moving into the modern era, with a symposium at the Whipple Museum to mark its digitisation.


Stanley Sadie Archive Project

19 May, 2014

Cambridge University Library is delighted to have received the Stanley Sadie Archive as a gift from his widow Julie Anne.


Literature of the Liberation: Cambridge exhibition a world first

06 May, 2014

Seventy years after Hitler’s soldiers were driven from Paris, Cambridge University Library is staging the first-ever exhibition to examine the outpouring of literary works that followed the German retreat from French soil.


From text to texting: 10th century Greek manuscript is brought into the digital age

27 March, 2014

A tenth century Greek manuscript, one of the latest additions to the Digital Library, shows how the transmission and reinterpretation of written knowledge over the centuries still continues in today’s digital age.


Conquering a continent: How the French language circulated in Britain and medieval Europe

22 January, 2014

A 13th-century manuscript of Arthurian legend once owned by the Knights Templar is one of the star attractions of a new exhibition opening at Cambridge University Library today (January 22).